Popular Speed Coaching Sessions

As a CPA / Accounting firm, what are the biggest challenges / problems you are facing as a company ?

Imagine . . . having systems, tools and networks in place which would help you to take your accounting firm to the next dimension, the next level of success where you will have greater profitability, work less hours, have less stress and have greater life balance. We trust these 6 speed coaching sessions will assist you in doing this.

6 Lessons to Success

Topic#1: A New Engine for my business - BOS

Imagine . . . having a custom business engine, a BOS which was specifically designed to help us achieve our business and personal goals.

Topic#2: Profitable Partnerships - Coffee Connections

Interested in a NEW revenue stream? ...Develop Profitable Partnerships and Coffee Connections to bring added value to your business and those in the community!

Topic#3: Additional Profit Centers - Legacy Partners & Mastermind Seminars

Find out more about developing additional profit centers for your business!

Topic#4: DNA for PEOPLE

Learn how to better understand and serve our connections in the most effective manner.
Topic#5: DNA for BUSINESS

Learn more about the 5/30 Grid and how to develop a strong BOS - Business Operating System.
Topic#6: DNA for LIFE

What is your Life Vision and how can it help you overcome your biggest challenges in
business or life?

FREE Short Video Lesson

FREE Short Video Lesson

FREE Short Video Lesson

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Steps To Success - Systems

Step 1:  Check out free video coaching library for Renatus members.

Step 2: Complete short 3 minute online questionnaire to determine personality & frequency.

Step 3: Take 15 minutes to read
BOS, white paper