Dear Mastermind Partnerships,

I have been in the printing business for a number of years and honestly we have really struggled over the years.  Our best month has been $42,000.  We are two thirds through this month and we're on track to hit $79,700 which would be a 90% increase over our best month ever!

Wow . . . and Thank You!

Obviously this excites me . . . but what really gets me going is that I believe that with the 12 month program through Mastermind Partnerships that, in a few months, we will have the marketing, pre-sales, sales, servicing and client for life system in place to where we will have those types of months every month.

I am one of the biggest skeptics around and honestly I didn't believe that Mastermind Partnerships would have a big impact on me or my business but I just jumped in and am I ever glad that I did!

When you said "Fitz, you'll never know if something works or doesn't until you try, you were so right!"

I am so thankful for the program, the systems and the amazing team that is supporting me.

Thank you!
Gordon Fitzgerald

PS.  The community / business partnership system is amazing.  Great way to help great causes AND increase business.  I love it!


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