12 Month Detailed Curriculum

WARNING . . . DO NOT get overwhelmed with all the detail included here.  We walk you through this amazing content each and every month and you get to work through it at your own pace and in partnership with others in your mastermind group.  If you’re one that doesn’t like the details or gets overwhelmed and shuts down, then just take advantage of the scholarship and turn in your application today.  If you like details . . . knock yourself out.  :-)

Month 1 - “The Secret About Time”

Month 1 - Time - Learn how to think about TIME in a different way
  White Paper “ The Secret About Time ”
- Overview - DNA for PEOPLE
- Overview - DNA for BUSINESS
- Overview - DNA for LIFE


When people are asked, “What is the biggest challenge you are facing in any area of your life?” do you know what the number one thing people will say?

It’s “I don’t have enough time.” or something having to do with a lack of time.  If you don’t have time to do a lesson, to sit in on a mastermind call, to follow through with an assignment, to take action on something that you have learned . . . It is very likely that your default answer very well might be “I didn’t have enough time.”  

Actually . . . the truth is . . . it’s not that you do not have enough time but it’s how you look at or think about time that is the core challenge / problem you are facing.  If you have never heard that before, the reason is that you are thinking like most people think so they don’t know any better than you do.  

This is why this topic was covered in the first month as it’s the heart of all learning.  It’s not time, but it’s how we think.

In this twelve month course, there will be a lot of things which challenge the way we think and it’s important to understand this as learning to think in a very different way is not easy to do.  It can be a long and painful process . . . but one that brings a lot of benefit to us.

The white paper “The Secret About Time” is all about learning how to train our brains to think of time in a very different way than we do now.  Within three months of training our brains to do this, we will start to see an extra three hours for every one hour we invest into this course, system, process as well as other things we do in business and life.  Think about it . . . what would your life be like if you had an extra 5, 10, 20 hours or more every week that you didn’t know what to do with?  

For those who have trained and disciplined their brain to think on a new level about time, they not only have an abundance of extra time but also see improvements in their relationships, health, spiritual life, and friendships as well as anything else valuable in their life.  

No . . . it’s really not due to the extra time but due to teaching and disciplining their brains to think about anything, in any area of their life, in a very different way.  To move levels, as Albert Einstein shares, or move to new dimensions as we share in the program we need to learn to think in a very different way and continue to do that in every area of our life.  In a way, we actually become like toddlers again with the magic of learning, the thrill of discovery, the passion for trying new things and the fearlessness of going places where we have not gone in the past.  Hold on . . . it will be very wild ride for all of us!

RESULTS come from ACTIONS and actions come from how we THINK.  Learn to think in a different way and we’ll produce different results.  


As we’re going through this amazing process, week after week, month after month we will learn so many things we’ll feel like our world is changing.  We will have the ability to do things we never realized were possible.

We’ll go through together “The 30 Day Challenge” where we take roughly six minutes a day to learn how to turn that six minutes to eighteen minutes of extra time.  Once we learn how to reproduce minutes through Natural Laws, we’ll learn how to apply it to hours, days, weeks and years.  

The science behind this program has taken decades to develop and perfect.  

There are many ways to reproduce time to give us back more time than we put in.  If an activity used to take us 10 hours through study, practice and masterminding with others for, to implement a system that saved us 5 hours a week.  We would save 5 hours forever from making a 10 hour sacrifice in the short term.

If we learn how to produce more and / or better leads in less time with less effort, then we will save time, money and energy.  In sports, movies, and the military, 97% of the time is invested into study and practice and 3% is invested into doing.  In life and in business, we often invest almost nothing in learning and growing and 100% in doing.  

And . . . we wonder why we don’t earn a lot more money working a lot less hours?  

In the first month, we will start to dig into the beauty and power of operating systems.  The body has an operating system, nature has an operating system and any large, successful company has an operating system . . . but . . . most small to medium sized business / community based organizations do not have a BOS - Business Operating System.

Do you believe that you and I are earning the amount of money that we have built for our operating system to earn?

Have you ever had to earn more money and then did exactly that?

If we want to double our income, then we need to double the power of our engine. Most of us had an hourly job as our first job which conditions us to think, “To double my income, I need to double the number of hours a week that I work.”  In this 12 month course, system, process we will learn to, let’s say “double our bandwidth of how we think.”


Throughout the entire 12 months we will learn how to read and understand people in a way that most individuals never even dream of.  We will learn how to identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds or less.  

Once we know their personality, we know their strengths, weaknesses, what they like, don’t like, why they would / would not want to work with us, why they are successful and where they struggle in life.  We’ll even know, if they are married - what type of person they may be married to, the challenges in the marriage, what has created success for a person and what is holding them back.

Imagine . . . knowing all of this and more about a person in 15 seconds.  You will have people sharing with you that you know more about them than their mom/others knows about them.


The 5/30 Grid is the DNA for any business / community based organization anywhere in the world.  By understanding where we are currently at and where we want to go, The 5/30 Grid provides the roadmap on how we can get there in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.  

Since we learned how to save time with “The Secret About Time” we’ll have just a little extra time to invest into working “On” our business rather than always working “In” it.  The 5/30 Grid will help us to work much smarter so there is less time wasted and better results for all our efforts.  As we learn how to apply more of this to more areas of our business / life we’ll accomplish a lot more in a lot less time and learn to think in a very different way than we currently do.  


Do you remember some of the things your parents told you that did not register as significant at the time, but later, were life changing.  What you’ve experience is the Grandpa Chappell Principle as we call it, or a Natural Law.  There are over 250 Natural Laws which have been discovered over the last hundreds of years.  What’s really powerful about this program is that it will teach each one of us how to discover the Natural Laws around us to “Reach Beyond Our Dreams And Goals In Every Area Of Life.”  

Think about it . . . if you were to understand the very DNA for PEOPLE AND you had the map to get to where you wanted to go in business - DNA for BUSINESS AND you then had the Natural Laws which would help you to know when to apply what things in the right way, with the right people and in the right time, what would that do for your income, hours you work, stress in your life and overall life balance?

Yes . . . we will cover all the above in Month 1 and we’ll do it in very little time.


Month 2 - System

Month 2 - Systems - The discovery of my own Life Vision
- Systems for DNA for PEOPLE
- Systems for DNA for BUSINESS
- Systems for DNA for LIFE

We will start out in month two with the discovery of our own personal Life Vision.  Our Life Vision is the reason we have been put on this planet.  Once we discover this, it seems, that so many other pieces fall into place.  It’s like all the adversity, the missing pieces, and the dots that do not connect all come together.  

As a result of understanding and clearly writing out our Life Vision we draw energy and drive to achieve our full potential.  When we would have given up, dropped out, slowed down, become distracted in the past . . . our new way of thinking helps us to do the opposite of what we did in the past.  

In month one we learned, from a head knowledge wise, the value of having a BOS and the three aspects we will be building into our very own BOS.  In month two we will learn how to actually build a system and process, with specific tools to build each of these three areas within our business.



Systems for DNA for PEOPLE
There are hundreds of different personality tests available.  Many of them require you to pay to do the test or get back the results.  We use Personality Masteries which is a unique system that enables you to identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds.    

We will use this knowledge to generate more leads, Area 1: Marketing , convert more of those leads we have into sales, Area 2: Pre-Sales and Area 3: The Sale , amaze our clients with servicing, customized specific to their own personality type, Area 4: Servicing , which will produce more referrals and reduce servicing costs and will create Area 5: Client For Life .  When we use this simple, no cost solution for identifying personality types and then learn how those people like to be marketed to, sold to and serviced we will see greater success in a lot less time with a lot less effort.

In addition to using Personality Masteries for every area of The 5/30 Grid we will also use the DNA for PEOPLE system to make better hiring decisions, manage people in a more effective manner, develop better more profitable relationships with our vendors and develop better Profitable Partnerships.  


Systems for DNA for BUSINESS

There are actually five major subsystems we will learn to build for The 5/30 Grid and from month one we will learn that we don’t have to do all the work or reinvent the wheel in building these systems.

We can use the five time management freedom fighters Natural Law, that we learned about in Month 1 to get these systems and subsystems operational without us having to do all the work or invest all the money.

Area 1: Marketing - Systems to generate more and better leads
Area 2: Pre-Sales
- Systems to work leads in a consistent manner
- Improve conversion rates of prospects into sales.

Area 3: The Sale - Convert leads faster and with less   effort with these systems.
Area 4: Servicing - Learn to service people the way   they want to be serviced, reduce servicing cost, capture success   stories and generate more   referrals.   


Area 5: Client For Life - Use these systems to tap into the   vast networks for your clients, increasing long term loyalty as well   as referral partners.  

Systems for DNA for LIFE

Have you or any of your peers or employees gone to a workshop, seminar, took a class . . . and were motivated, inspired, but then didn’t follow through?  

Why does this happen?

It often happens because we take in far too much information for our brain to process and do not have the capabilities to follow through on what we learn.  With the Natural Laws / Career Success system we  spend roughly 6 minutes a week and  gradually pick up new ways of thinking while helping those around us to think as well.

This entire system is free for everyone.  “Yes, that’s right, free.”


Month 3 - BOS

Month 3 - BOS - How do I set up the best BOS
- Business Operating System?
- Do I build it myself or have someone else build it
- Where do I get started?
- How do I get others to partner with me?

How do I set up the best BOS - Business Operating System?
Now that we have had a month of overview training and another month of detailed training it’s now time to get into the details.  In almost every situation a business / individual is taking some level of actions in various areas within their business.  

What we will learn this month is how we get more and better results from those efforts we are taking.  For this we DO NOT NEED MORE TIME and we DO NOT NEED MORE MONEY, what we need to learn is how to work more effectively and produce more and better results from the efforts we are taking.

Do I build it myself or have someone else build it?
Often we get into the habit of thinking that we need to do everything ourselves and quickly run out of time.  Other times, we limit ourselves to “I don’t have any money to do this,”  which is equally debilitating.  Since we’ve learned what we have about time and learning to think in a different way in month one, we now realize that we have five other options, other than doing the work ourselves to get something done.  

Apply the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters in harmony with the mastermind group we are a part of.  Who knows . . . maybe we’ll find someone in our mastermind group we can partner with and the challenge / problem is fixed without any time or money on our part.

Where do I get started?
In this month, we’ll learn the four different ways we can use The 5/30 Grid.  Most people get started with Box 1: Identify Targets.  There is a special worksheet that each participant will receive which will help you set up a powerful and profitable database.

Do you get the impression that throughout the entire twelve month course we’ll be focused on very specific ways to save you time?  If you’re getting that impression then it’s an affirmation that you will do well in the course.

Most people don’t recognize how much of a time save a great database is for them and how that time saved can turn into more money and working less hours.  Thinking about it . . . Area 2: Pre-Sales, Area 3: The Sale, Area 4: Servicing, Area 5: Client For Life all for the most part require one on one efforts.   Area 1: Marketing is the area where we can do effort which will produce one on MANY connections which wills us a great deal of time and better leverage of our skills, talents, and energy.

How do I get others to partner with me?
Actually . . . this is fairly easy to do when we know what we have to offer.  Through this course / mastermind group, you are developing and building systems which not only bring you more value individually and as a company, but also make yourself more valuable in the marketplace as well.

Others will see how you have / are changing and will be attracted to the new you.  You will meet new people as a result of being a part of the mastermind group and your new systems, processes, and tools will help you to turn the connections you currently have, as well as possible connections, into powerful and profitable partnerships.

You may notice that on the left side of the model there are the 5 H’s to Success and on the lower part of the model there are the 5 T’s to Stewardship.  This model was forged in the minds which discovered these two natural laws.  

As a result of there being over 250 natural laws and new one’s being discovered each month, each mastermind group is unique and will have specific natural laws, discussions, and topics based on the needs of that mastermind group.  

A great example of one of these exercises is The Life Balance Wheel.  Yes, this Mastermind Partnership 12 month exercise is about helping you earn more money, working less hours, have less stress, and have better balance in every area of your life.  The Life Balance Wheel is one of many exercises which helps us to keep balanced in every area of our life that we value.

The entire BOS is all about building systems which help us keep balanced in every area of life we value, which then moves us in the direction of achieving overall life vision that we discovered in month one.  


Month 4 - DNA for PEOPLE

Month 4 - DNA for PEOPLE    - The Analaytic
- The Driver
- The Expressive
- The Amiable

In month two we provide a brief overview of the power of Personality Masteries and how it can impact every area of our life and business.  In month four we actually go into far more details as to each of the four different personality types and how to better understand, communicate, connect, market to, develop relationships with, sell to, service, and create clients for life.  

We will also learn how to be better leaders based on both the leader and the person being lead, personality, strengths, weaknesses, how to motivate, how to draw out their natural gifts, and how to hire the best people in the best way.

The following will provide a brief overview for the four major personality types.  There are actually 16 possibilities when you look at primary and secondary personality types, 64 if you look at three types, 256 if you look at all four possibilities.  If we look at the two test geo and pain testing there are 65,536 possible combinations.  

There is one personality types which doesn’t like the test and either sees themselves in none of the personality types or maybe some of all.  In this month, we will even go into details as to that type as well.  Individuals have a primary and a secondary and based on situations it may change and we will cover all of this in month four.

The Analaytic

Maybe we are the analytic personality or we all know someone who is this type of personality.  The analytic’s greatest strengths tend to be they like to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s” and their greatest weakness is the same, they like to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s.” Our greatest strength is our greatest weakness and our greatest weakness is just our greatest strength miss applied.  

Through masterminding, we’ll learn how to surround ourselves with others who will compliment our strengths and offset out weaknesses.  We will learn to make faster decisions, in less time and how to give up the little things that bug us but we know are important . . . at least at times.

If we are the analytic personality type we will really enjoy the program / system because it is very well thought out, planned well and everything is delivered with strong intentionality.  We will understand things and people and it will take the guess work out of the equation.

The Driver

If we’re the driver personality, maybe one of our greatest strengths might be our drive, aggressiveness and that we make things happen.  Maybe one of our greatest weaknesses might be our drive, aggressiveness and that we make things happen.  Again, our greatest strengths tend to be our greatest weakness.  

Through masterminding, we’ll learn how to get people to take personal ownership and not rely on us so much.  We’ll also learn how to help others gain personal control over their own life and choices so we do not have to continue to clean up after others.

If we are the driver personality type we will be be drawn to the program because all the training, systems, and mastermind groups that will help us achieve our goals faster.  It will also give us a map as to how to best understand people and how to get them moving in the right direction and prevent things from getting out of control.


The Expressive
Our greatest strength as an expressive may be our energy, excitement, and enthusiasm and our greatest weakness maybe the our energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.  At times we may take on a little too much or we may start a lot of things and have a hard time finishing things.  

Through masterminding, we’ll learn how to attract others to us who love to do the things that bore us.  We’ll learn how to either follow through with everything, or maybe better yet get things up and running and turn them over to others to follow through, then we can go onto the next fun and exciting thing.

If we are the expressive personality type we will love the connections into the vast mastermind networks and all the people we can have fun with.  We will also enjoy the massive vision of the network and how much excitement comes with that very large vision.

The Amiable
If we are the amiable personality type our greatest strength might be our concern and compassion for people . . . and our greatest weakness might be . . . our concern and compassion for people.  At times, we may allow others to take advantage of us because we’re just too nice to people.

Through masterminding, we’ll learn how to be stronger in voicing our opinions, sharing our thoughts, being more proactive to prevent deep conflicts, and if / when conflicts do arise, how to quickly correct them.

If we are the amiable personality type we will love how people connect, get along, and work together.  We will enjoy the insights we gain with other people and how we can better learn to help people get along without the conflict and when conflict does come up  to quickly get it resolved.


Participants especially love this month as it’s so much fun and filled with so much learning.  If you’ve had training in some type of personality assessments in the past you’ll value this month even more as it will help you to learn how to do things faster than you ever imagined and to be so precise that you’ll start to hear people say “You know me better than my mom.”  

Month four will strengthen our foundation and set us up for the next eight months of learning and doing.  Actually when you think about it, everything we do, in one way or another has something to do with people and will be impacted as a result of this training.


Month 5 - DNA for BUSINESS

Month 5 - DNA for BUSINESS - Area 1: Marketing
- Area 2: Pre-Sales
- Area 3: The Sale
- Area 4: Servicing
- Area 5: Client For Life

In month five we drill deep into The 5/30 Grid and cover each of the five areas within the grid.  Because we have a strong foundation based on Month 1 - Time, Month 2 - Systems, Month 3 - BOS, and Month 5 - DNA for PEOPLE, we are in a perfect position to not only learn each of the five areas, but fully integrate all we’ve learned and are doing with our new way of thinking about time, systems and people.

It is very important to remember that with each month we gain a deeper understanding of how we need to build our BOS and start to see our BOS come together.  We’ve probably all heard “The more we know, the more we know we don’t know.”  

We will really start to realize this the deeper we get into The 5/30 Grid.  For those who want to learn at a faster rate there is one on one coaching available, as well as courses, training, mentoring, and mastermind groups for just one of the 30 boxes in The 5/30 Grid.

We will learn so much this month, without question, but without question, we’ll probably have more questions at the end of the month than we did at the beginning of the month.  The more questions we have the more the system is working for us!

If you are “an army of one” where you have to do everything . . . then we must pay special attention as we can’t afford to waste any efforts, time, or resources.  If we invest our time and resources into the right things we will produce more time and resources back in return. Over time, we will be able to apply The 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters which will help us to get others to do those things we do not want to or are willing to do.  


Area 1: Marketing

There are six levels in marketing with each level bringing a greater level of understanding, skill and systems to the area of marketing.  As we successfully implement each subsequent level we take our marketing to a new level of success which will help us to produce more and better leads.  

When we build systems we also produce stronger leads on a more consistent basis so we do not have the Roller Coaster Principle where we have high ups and low downs each and every month.  

When we gain the knowledge on what actions we should be taking each month on marketing and then have the new thinking from the first four months of training, mentoring, and mastermind groups, we will then gain the disciplines necessary to put the marketing systems in place to achieve our overall goals.


Area 2: Pre-Sales

Did you know that most companies don’t even have Area 2: Pre-Sales?  Area 2, is the critical system which takes the leads which are generated from Area 1: Marketing and works those leads to the point of being able to ask for the sale, i.e. Area 3: The Sale.

When we integrate what we’ve learned in month four about Personality Masteries we’ll learn that it’s often best to have cubes (analytic) and balls (amiables) to fulfill these roles as they tend to be better in educating and developing relationships with prospects and are a usually more patient.  This will help to prevent them from closing the sale too quickly.

Did you know that, on average, it takes 10 leads generated to close 1 sale?  

What is your WOW income goal $____________?  What would be an income goal that is so large it would just rock your life? $_______  How many hours are you currently working each week on average?  _______   How many hours would you like to work? ________

Think about it . . . if we’re only converting 1 or 2 leads out of 10, how are we going to achieve our WOW income goal, working the number of hours we want to work if we’re NOT GETTING PAID on 80% to 90% of the leads we pay to have?  

Each of the six levels to success will strengthen our BOS system to where it will produce more energy / output than what we put into it. 


Area 3: The Sale

The Sale, Area 3, is traditionally the hardest of the five areas to build systems and reproduce success.  This is why sales professionals tend to earn so much money.

This area is as much as an art as it is a science and the full integration of Personality Masteries along with Natural Laws is required to get the systems set up to function in a more effective manner.  

Even level one, “Ask Key Questions” when we integrate Personality Masteries and Natural Laws helps us to realize that the sale is actually mostly made in the first level box not the second when we Present Solutions.  The tools, systems and training along with the work in your mastermind group is what will help you to take this area and take your business to a whole new level of success.

Area 4: Servicing

“How do we turn our servicing into a profit center?”  That is a great question every company should be asking!  Actually if we’ve really nailed down Months 1 to 4 it makes this so much easier as we’re servicing people based on their personality, which makes them a lot happier with all that we’re doing.

When we have RAVING FAN clients and systems to support we obtain more referrals. Let’s face it, we will just generate a lot more referrals.  

When we capture the successes (Level 2 - Box 12) within servicing and feed those successes back into Area 1: Marketing, Area 2: Pre-Sales, and Area 3: The Sale we will not only gain more referrals from servicing, but will also generate more and better leads. We will convert more leads into sales and do it faster.

Each of the six boxes in the six levels is designed to compliment all of the other five boxes and the five areas and 29 other boxes within The 5/30 Grid.  

Area 5: Client For Life

With all the talk about social media, most companies are still struggling to figure out how to leverage social media to generate more sales. Social media can be used in all five areas of  The  5/30  Grid  but  is probably  most  powerful  in Area 5: Client For Life.  

Once we complete the servicing of our clients that is the time where we can then give them something of added value, something they were never expecting, something that will really move them in such a way that they will share what has been done with their entire network.  

The average person knows 250 people.  The average business owner knows 5,000 people.  Whether it’s 250 or up toward 5,000, take your full customer database (if it’s consumers) and multiply it by 250. If it’s a business to business database then multiply it by 5,000 to see what number you come up with.  The number will probably surprise you.

Just like most companies do not have |Area 2: Pre-Sales, most companies also do not have Area 5: Client For Life.  When one small company went through this training they had their CFO run some numbers and discover they were losing over $460,000 a month in repeat sales.  Yes, every month they were losing that just because they didn’t have an Area 5: Client For Life system.


Now you’ve got an good big picture of what will be accomplished this month.  The real challenge is that it’s almost impossible to really experience the full benefit of The 5/30 Grid until you see all the pieces starting to come together. 

What’s very exciting and powerful about The 5/30 Grid is that you can use it to increase sales for a business, increase donations (if you are a community based organization), and use for hiring and mentoring employees / distributors.  Really anything having to do with money or people, The 5/30 Grid will be your system to do it all.  


Month 6 - DNA for LIFE

Month 6 - DNA for LIFE - Natural Laws and their power
- 10 minutes a day for the rest of my life
- A Healthy Brain & Heart
- The 8th Habit - My Story and helping others discover theirs

Natural Laws and their power
In the 1920’s, Napoleon Hill researched the most wealthy men of his day and discovered their secrets to success and published “The Secret Of Success” and “Think and Grow Rich.” He revealed Natural Laws.  

Those who are rich, in any area of life - relational - emotional - financial - mental - spiritual - physical, etc. are rich “because they know and follow the Natural Laws and those who are poor in any of these areas do not know or follow the natural laws.”  

There are over 250 natural laws which have been discovered and the knowledge and application of these natural laws will be used in all areas of our life every day for the rest of our lives.  

10 minutes a day for the rest of my life
What would our lives be like if we were to invest just ten minutes a day into personal and professional development each and every day?  What if everyone around us were to do the same thing?

In the book, “Good To Great” the authors share their research on what makes a successful company.  One of their major findings was:
  1. Disciplined People
  2. Disciplined Thinkers
  3. Disciplined in Taking Action
To achieve our life vision and achieve our full potential in every area of our life, we need to be disciplined. We need to be disciplined as a person, in the way we think, and in taking action to do the things we need to do to get where we want to go. We also need to learn how to help others around us do the same.

A Healthy Brain & Heart
The more we exercise our brain and our heart the stronger they both become.  Natural Laws help us to do this, as we are challenged by the wisdom of the ages, to grow and change our lives.

To achieve our full potential in every area of life, we need to not only understand the DNA for PEOPLE and the DNA for BUSINESS, but also the DNA for LIFE.  When to apply what aspects of personalities and/or the specific aspects of The 5/30 Grid is the soul of everything we do.

The DNA for PEOPLE and the DNA for BUSINESS tends to be linear, whereas Natural Laws and DNA for LIFE tend to be very much non linear in both learning as well as application.  What Natural Laws are best applied in what situations in life?

This month we’ll drill into building a lifelong system for learning, applying, and self discovery of Natural Laws for both ourselves and those around us.  “Together we can accomplish far more than we every could on our own and to do that we and those around us need to all learn and apply the Natural Laws.”  

The 8th Habit - My Story and Helping Others Discover Their’s
Stephen Covey wrote an international bestseller “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.”  After years of additional experience, he wrote “The 8th Habit.”  

In essence, “The 8th Habit” is the discovery of our own voice and then helping others around us discover their own voice as well.  Why?  Of the seven billion plus people in the world every single one of them have an amazing story to tell.  

Natural Laws are a part of our story  and the transferring of those wonderful aspects of that story to loved ones, peers, those we influence, and beyond.



Month 7 - The Golden Triangle - Part 1

Month 7 - The Golden Triangle
                  Part 1   

- Box 1: Identify Targets
- Q&A and review over assignments
- Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message
- Q&A and review over assignments

For the first six months we will have laid the foundation for our own BOS and now we move into the details for what is called The Golden Triangle.  If we look at the entire 5/30 Grid and all 30 of the boxes it can be a little overwhelming so we start out by focusing on Box 1: Identify Targets and then move through Box 2, 3, 4, 5 and then 6.  Once we get these six cornerstone boxes in place we will see a noticeable difference in all areas of our business.

Box 1: Identify Targets
We actually have a jump start on this one, as we will have worked on this in month three.  Actually this box (as with every box) is an ongoing process where we continue to refine and tweak things until we get it into a smooth running system which mostly just needs to be maintained. 

Once we have developed our original database throughout our entire network and our sphere’s of influence, we then need to build a system by which we continue to add new targeted prospects on a consistent basis.  In this month’s training and mastermind groups, we will build systems which will target new groups of potential clients to continue to expand our reach.  

One of the Natural Laws we’ll learn this month is the 4 Q’s To Increasing Sales.  What’s interesting is that most people would say if a business doubles their leads they will probably double their sales.  What’s interesting is that often very much the opposite that often happens.  Often if we double our leads we feel great for three to six months but then when the numbers to start to come in our sales will have actually gone down.

How is that possible?  When Q1 - Quantity of Leads go up, then Q2 - Quality of Lead will often go down due to moving further from our spheres of influence which can cut our sales closing ratio in half.  If that wasn’t bad enough, our Q3 - Quantity of Contacts and Q4 - Quality of Contacts will also go down.  When we have three out of the four Q’s going down our leads can double and our sales/profits can still go down.

If we do not know the Natural Laws when we build our BOS we will build it improperly.


Q&A and review over assignments
Have you ever heard someone play an instrument or do something that they are really good at and they make it sound so easy, but when you try doing it you realize how hard it is.  When we’re learning how to really do The 5/30 Grid that’s how it is.  The instructor / executive coach will make it sound easy when they train but then when we get into actually doing it we will run into some challenges.  

This is why the Mastermind Group and all of the resources which come along with that are so important.  Once we learn something we must take action and do it.  Once we do it, we quickly realize that maybe we were not as clear on understanding the instructions as we thought we were.  

Being an active participant in the weekly Mastermind Groups is one of the most powerful parts of the entire program. As others see and pick up things that we missed, we will pick up things that they miss.

Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message

After we have a great system in place for building and maintaining a profitable database, we then need to have a system in place of developing and delivering a profitable and consistent message to those in our database.

We have done the research and have the experience to take wonderful resources like “Made To Stick” and simplify them into something that you can use to create a message which will draw in both the quantity and quality of leads that you need to achieve your goals.



Q&A and review over assignments
When we mastermind together, let’s say in a group of 20 individuals, we can learn 20 times faster than doing it on our own.  When we learn that fast we earn a lot more money, work a lot less hours, have less stress, and greater life balance in every area of one’s life.


Month 8 - The Golden Triangle - Part 2

Month 8 - The Golden Triangle
                  Part 2    

- Box 3: Track 100% Of Leads
- Q&A and review over assignments
- Box 4: Ask Key Questions
- Q&A and review over assignments

Box 3: Track 100% Of Leads
It would seem that tracking 100% of one’s leads would be both common sense and fairly easy to do but in reality over 97% of businesses do not do a very good job at tracking their leads.

When we track our leads well, we will convert more of our leads to clients and convert those leads faster.  In these lessons, we’ll learn if we should keep a lead in pre-sales and work to nurture that lead or if we should turn them over to sale to close the lead faster.


Q&A and review over assignments
As a result of Masterminding together we will be able to compare notes with others and find out from others what’s working best for them.  As Napoleon Hill discovered, we will not only have our own brainpower and experience, but those of an entire group.

Box 4: Ask Key Questions
When we get started in sales we naturally ask questions. As we gain more experience and confidence we tend to not ask as many questions and lose sales but never really do learn why.

We’ll learn in these lessons there is a powerful setup we need to learn and then up to four levels of questions.  Getting this down into a precise science will help us to sell more products / services in less time with less effort.

Q&A and review over assignments
Running our questions and the responses we’re getting from our prospects by others in our Mastermind Group, we will tap into a wealth of knowledge, experience, and networks.

Together we really can accomplish far more than we ever could on our own.  In month eight, there will naturally be far more questions. We have eight months of knowledge and experience to draw from and we’re combining Personality Masteries with what we’ve learned about “Asking Key Questions” and Natural Laws.  

In many ways, it’s impossible to learn all of this at a deep level without a great Mastermind Group to connect with.


Month 9 - The Golden Triangle - Part 3

Month 9 - The Golden Triangle
                  Part 3    

- Box 5: Implement Strategic Strike
- Q&A and review over assignments
- Box 6: Group People & Message
- Q&A and review over assignments

Box 5: Implement Strategic Strike
Based on different research studies, we know that it takes 6 to 10 contacts to make a sale.  Any guess based on those same studies what the number of contacts the average sales person will make?  1 to 2 contacts.  

As we’ve learned in previous months, by now we know that we can do all the work or we can apply the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters.  Often it is best to systematize this specific area using Personality Masteries, The 5/30 Grid, and Natural Laws to build a ten touch strategic strike. This will touch them through technology to save you time and energy and to actually do a more effective job.

Q&A and review over assignments

What are some great questions which are often asked this month?
  - How do I get someone else to build the strategic strike on my behalf?
  - How do we tweak the strike to give it more effectiveness?
  - How do I integrate other business partners into mine and me into theirs?
  - How do we blend Personality Masteries and Natural Laws into the copy?

Box 6: Group People & Message

Another time saving tip here is to properly group people and messages together. Yes, it does take extra time, energy, and thought, but most things that save us time in the long term do cost us a little lost time in the short term.

Think about it, if we can group like prospects together in a more effective way, we then can develop and deliver a more targeted and more effective message to get more of the right people to raise their hands.

Q&A and review over assignments
Asking questions within our Mastermind Groups help us to not only learn, but to gain access to other groups / networks of people where we can help them and they help us.  

Month 10 - Contract Everything

Month 10 - Contract Everything

- How To Best Use E-VA’s (Executive Virtual Assistants)
- Where to get started
- The challenges which will be faced
- Connecting your systems with that of other businesses

One of the most frustrating challenges faced by coaching professionals is the more effective that someone becomes the more business opportunities they will have.  While that’s great for one’s personal income, it’s not so good for our time as we will always run out of time . . . unless we always remember Month 1 - The Secret About Time.  

Many businesses have found that contracting out to VA’s- Virtual Assistants to be most helpful.  The challenge with this is that it often takes time, energy, and effort but often doesn’t pay off.

We’ll learn about all of the different options to contract out our work. We can start earning money based on the work of others rather than just based on our own work.

How To Best Use E-VA’s (Executive Virtual Assistants)
There is a special bread, so to speak, of virtual assistants which are called Executive Virtual Assistants. They are trained and certified at the highest levels to plug right into your business and perform any of the critical functions we have learned how to do over the last ten months.  

Learn how to select the best one, how to best bring them in, oversee them, and then grow one’s business based on their success in building and working those systems for us.

Where to get started
Learn the various options to contracting work out, who to talk with, what to say, what questions to ask, and what to do to get started with something simple and inexpensive. What should we have set up in our business and what can we have others do for us?

The challenges which will be faced
Through our Mastermind Partnership Group we can compare notes, successes, challenges, and learn from what others have experienced, both good and bad.  Work with one’s Mastermind Partnership Group to develop a checklist to get started.

Connecting your systems with that of other businesses
One of the most powerful things to do is to leverage your E-VA’s where they can connect your systems to the systems of other clients they have.  When everyone is working from similar types of BOS we can then leverage all of our networks, systems, tools, expertise, and positive experiences for the mutual benefit of everyone in our network.


Month 11 - Leadership

Month 11 - Leadership

- The six levels for leadership
- How to build a following
- How to connect your Life Vision in with others
- Expanding your vision

Leadership makes all the difference in everything we do.  There are six levels of leadership we will learn this month.  Actually almost without you knowing it, we’ve been developing you as a leader throughout the entire 11 months.

The six levels for leadership
We have a system for Culture & Values in Natural Laws / Career Success.  You have developed your life vision in month two and have been working that in throughout the building of your entire BOS.  Belief and knowledge are within Natural Laws and more advanced systems will actually capture your best practices as a result of having the right technology in place, along with the proper application of the Natural Law, “ The Warm Belly Rub .” 

We’ll learn how each of the different personality types will “DO” for very different reasons and how to leverage this knowledge to help every employee / team member discover their very own life vision. Then connect it into the team’s overall vision.

Building a culture of “GIVING” is not easy as human beings have to continue to fight against keeping everything to ourselves.  

Doing all of the above through systems enables us to build a legacy which will fulfill not only our life vision, but the life visions of those around us.

How to build a following

Whether we desire to have a following or not, if we have large dreams and goals we will need to learn how to attract people to us.  Personality Masteries will attract people on an individual basis to use. The 5/30 Grid will draw people to us in a much larger way. Natural Laws helps us to discover our own story and help others discover theirs and that will attract others to us and those around us.

How to connect our life vision in with others
Actually it’s a lot easier than one might imagine.  We’ll share our life vision in writing with others and they will share their life vision with us. Together we’ll start to see how we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.

Expanding your vision
The larger our vision the more potential we have to impact the lives of more people in a deeper manner.  In most of those situations we will end up earning a lot more money, working less hours, having less stress, and improving our overall life balance.  Often this is very counter intuitive for us.


Month 12 - Profitable Partnerships

Month 12 - Profitable Partnerships

- The six levels for partnerships
- How to get buy in
- Challenges faced
- Customizing your systems

Similar to what we learned in Leadership last month, the same applies for Profitable Partnerships as well.  For the last twelve months we have been building a BOS which will develop profitable partnerships even when we’re not working.

Seeing this happen can be one of the most rewarding things professionally. When we see the results and benefits of systems where we are making money and producing results but the system is really doing all of the heavy lifting.  

The six levels for partnerships
We will have had some exposure of the Profitable Partnership model in month three.  This model is built on the Natural Laws, of the 5 H’s, and the 5 T’s.  

With the BOS we have built over the last twelve months, we will be able to make small modifications which will engage our BOS to quickly build profitable partnerships, potentially with every business contact we have.

As we apply each one of the 5 H’s and the 5 T’s we become stronger with our partners.

How to get buy in
Actually getting buy in can be one of the easiest things, if we’ve built our BOS with the intention of sharing strategic aspects of it with others.  As we help others they will help us. As their business grows our business will grow as well.  When the tide rises all the ships in the port will rise.

Challenges faced
There are always challenges, which is one of the best benefits to belonging to a Mastermind Group, it is not only through the training but also on an ongoing basis.  As long as we are alive we are changing and growing as the world is changing and growing around us.

We can adapt to the changes around us much better if we have a group of equally committed people all working together for the good of the individual and the group.

Customizing your systems
Every system needs to continue to be maintained and updated.  As we gain more skills in understanding the deeper science of the BOS we are able to understand how slight tweaks and ongoing customization will help us to make the changes and improvements needed to see the success we all seek to fulfill our life vision.

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