Special Request

I either have the ability to invest more than $100 a month, i.e. leaving more of the scholarship fund for others OR I believe I am not able to afford even $100 a month.   Thank you for your consideration of others!   There will be a special gift given to you for honoring the intent of this.  Thank you!

The donors have found that if we as individuals do not have a "'Skin In The Game" often do not follow through well.  Without enough skin in the game individuals will tend to make excuses, become defensive, get upset at others and worst of all not take personal ownership.  If this happens, the donors money totally wasted, others are NOT able to take advantage of the scholarship funds which have been wasted and those who do not follow through will tend to bad mouth the program as well.

Obviously . . . this is not the Pay It Forward but more like . . . let's shoot ourselves in the foot and then shoot others for our own poor choices.  :-)

Now, with that being said, the donors have huge hearts and fully understand that there are some people who there who are really not in a position to be able to even afford $100 a month, which is fine.  For those who are not able to afford $100, the additional scholarship fund request is a hand UP . . . not a hand out.  

We know that those who are in need of help the most, who have pure hearts and a desire to impact the world in a greater way will often become the best graduates of the program and we admire you and look forward to an amazing year together. 

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New should say . . . 
BOS - 12 Month Mastermind Partnership - Level 1 - $300/month full price - I am able to invest the following monthly for the next 12 months to my own personal success . . . 

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