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Are we getting everything we could be getting from social media?

Are we using our networks to create WIN WIN WIN situations for everyone . . . AND . . . are we turning that into dollars for everyone?

In a way . . . earning money through social media / the internet is like earning money any other way.

We need to provide something that people value more than the money we are asking them to give up.  “What is it that people will value?”  

Another great question is, “How do I connect how / what I earn money on to an individuals biggest challenges, i.e. their pain?

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Let’s say . . . bottom line, that we want to earn more money, in our businesses using social media and internet marketing?

Why is that so difficult to do?

Traditionally in businesses we connect with someone, talk with them to uncover some need, and then seek to offer a solution.

“Never . . . ever . . . give a solution prior to doing an examination, NEVER!”

A doctor will never offer a perscription (solution) without first doing an examination. NEVER!  Why?  Even if the prescription were the right one, people wouldn’t trust it.

While our business model may work in a traditional environment, that same model very well might not work with social media / internet marketing.  How many times have you heard internet marketing / social media people say, “You just have to be consistent”?

If you ask them, “How long do I need to be consistent for?” most will say, “It depends.”  Why do they say that?  It’s often because they don’t really know themselves.  Social media / internet marketing consultants may know SEO - Search Engine Optimization, how to purchase leads, how to do email marketing, or one of the many other things which are needed to be successful in social media marketing.  

What they often do not know is the many other aspects of business.


Have you ever heard a social media / internet marketing consultant ask the following questions?

Have you ever heard a social media / internet marketing consultant ask the following questions?

Great Questions . . .
“If you had 10 leads, with a lead being a name and a phone number of someone who raised their hands to purchasing our products / services, how many of those would convert?  The average in most industries is 1 out of 10.”

“If I put 3 hours a week into social media / internet marketing, how much money will that turn into?”

Is social media / internet marketing best used in:
Area 1: Marketing
Area 2: Pre-Sales
Area 3: The Sale
Area 4: Servicing
Area 5: Client for Life

The above questions are golden. The reason you’ve probably never been asked these questions as it relates to social media / internet marketing is because often those in social media / internet marketing are so captivated by the potential large successes and the few successes that are out there that they often do not see the weaknesses, downsides, and potential cost / benefit payoff as it relates to other types of marketing / business development.  

Just because there are thousands of individuals who win millions of dollars in the lottery doesn’t mean it’s a wise business decision to play the lottery.  Very tough to say, maybe harder to hear, but the truth is that most of those in business today are using social media / internet marketing in an improper way, which is why most businesses are spending more than they are earning in this area.

There are five major areas social media could be used within our business.

We will work very hard in this white paper to share with you concrete ,absolute things you MUST do in order to build success (profit) through social media/ internet marketing. We must understand at a deep level the science behind running a successful / profitable business.  We will use the special symbol on the left to show when something MUST be done.  What I have found in life is that there is almost always a short term sacrifice to gain the long term benefit.

Connect with the person who provided this white paper to you and talk with them about the five areas of business in The 5/30 Grid.  Determine together which of the five areas could bring the most value / best financial return for the time / money / resources invested in through social Media / Internet marketing.

How Can I Best Use Social Media /
Internet Marketing

For Each Of The 5 Areas Of Business?



BOS - Business Operating System

If we do not have a well defined and mapped out BOS - Business Operating System then we will have challenges, not only implementing social media / internet marketing strategies, but also have a number of challenges in many areas.  

If we have a weak BOS, there is a strong probability that social media / internet marketing will not work, but it’s not due to social media / internet marketing, it’s due to a lack of a proper BOS.

A BOS is the engine that runs our business.  We earn the money we earn, we work the hours we work, we have the stress in our life that we have, and the balance in our lives we do or do not have . . . BECAUSE of the BOS that we have installed and are running as a team.  If we have and use great systems then our lives will be great.  


Within The 5/30 Grid there are five areas every business has.  When we apply social media / internet marketing properly to the right areas, in the right way, and over the right period of time we produce exceptional results with a lot less effort and a financial outlay.  



Step 1:  Examination
The first step is to do a proper examination of our business.  Where are our strengths and weaknesses?  Where could we quickly plug in social media / internet marketing with minimal cost and effort while producing the best results in the shortest amount of time?

Area 1: Marketing - “Produce more and better leads.”  
Yes, we could without question produce a lot more leads using social media / internet marketing, but the real question should be “Will we turn enough of those leads into sales?” to justify the time and costs to produce those leads.

Doubling our leads does not mean we will double our sales / profits.  If we do not understand the - 4 Q’s to Success principle - we may be successful in generating more leads but that does not mean that we’ll increase our bottom line profits.  As a matter of fact, our profits may actually go down due to when Q1 - quantity of leads go up, Q2 - quality of lead will often go down, Q3 - quantity of follow up of leads will go down (too many leads and not enough follow systems), and Q4 - quality of follow up on leads will usually go down due to less time to follow up with more leads.

NOTES:  How do we better use social media to increase the Quantity (Q1) & Quality (Q2) of leads we are generating?  WHICH of these ideas will we implement? WHEN & HOW will we implement them? WHO will implement them?

Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____


Area 2: Pre-Sales - “Once generated, what do we do with the lead?”  
This is where social media can really help out, if we have a strong pre-sales force.  Pre-sales and sales are very different, yet most companies have the same people doing pre-sales as those doing sales.  

Because Pre-Sales is more nurturing and providing information to prospects, often the cube and ball, from a personality perspective, are most successful.  


NOTES:  How do we better use social media to increase the Quantity (Q3) & Quality (Q4) of follow through with the leads we are generating?  WHICH of these ideas will we implement? WHEN & HOW will we implement them? WHO will implement them?


Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____


Area 3: The Sale - “The ‘yes’ or the ‘no’ and what we do with that.”    
When we get a “no” in sales, how do we respond?  In Box 12: Feed Successes back into Areas 1, 2 and 3, we learn that our best successes from Area 4: Servicing should be used by sales often through social media, to help turn the “no” into a “yes.”


NOTES:  How do we better use social media to increase the Quantity (Q3) & Quality (Q4) of follow through with the leads we are generating?  WHICH of these ideas will we implement? WHEN & HOW will we implement them? WHO will implement them?





Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____


Area 4: Servicing - “Turning our servicing into a profit center.”  
Servicing can be one of the most effective uses for social media. It can help our clients connect with other clients to help everyone to know how to gain the most benefit / value from our products and services.  

There is a natural law (third aspect of BOS) called the Cluster Principle which states . . . “An individual making a buying or selling decision will often know between three and nine other people making that same type of buying decision. “   http://www.TheVisionProject.net/CareerSuccess.htm

Imagine what it would do to our business if we were able to gain not even nine or even three but just one strong referral from every client we now do business with?  Our business would double almost forever.  

NOTES:  Box 12: Feed Successes into areas 1, 2 and 3 may be one of the most powerful boxes in the entire 5/30 Grid.  - The Magic Seed System -  When we learn to leverage social media/ internet marketing in the area of servicing we can generate, not only more and better leads, but also install a system which will help us to convert more of our leads in less time and with less resources.

Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____


Area 5: Client For Life - “Creating profitable-life long relationships.”  
This area is one of the most overlooked areas of focus in most companies.  Most companies do not not even have full time people who are devoted to this area.

With the advent of social media / internet marketing, that is a costly mistake.  Think about it. When, in the entire history of man, have people been so connected with a touch of the key.  People can share experiences, pictures, thoughts, ideas, products, and services like never before, with everyone in their world.  

Imagine having a system in place that is so powerful that your clients are sharing all of the positive experiences they have with you and your company with others in their network.  

When we produce a “lifelong experience” and show our clients / customers that we care for them, their challenges / problems, their families, their dreams, and goals in every area of their lives, how much more of a powerful experience do you believe they will have?  Do you believe if you help them in every area of their lives that your products / services will come to the top of their  mind more frequently?  Will that top of mind then go out to their entire social media network?

Great Resources . . .
 - Community / Business Partnerships - Additional Information -
 - Profitable Partnerships - Additional Information -
 - Added Value White Papers - Additional Information -

NOTES:  I will take the following action in this area by:

Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____



Step 2:  Solutions
The first solution is actually a more comprehensive examination of one’s business.  There are an infinite number of ways social media/ internet marketing could be applied to one’s business.  

The challenge most businesses have with social media/ internet marketing is there tends to be a long time frame from the investment of time and money to when a business sees a return on that investment.  The shorter that time frame is  the more success a business will have with their overall social media / internet strategy.

Our first solution needs to be a thorough business assessment.

The best and most affordable solution we have come across in getting started is a Business X-Ray, as a starting point.  It is inexpensive, takes very little time, and is comprehensive.  

The Business X-Ray looks at three dimensions of one’s business, nine major areas, seven systems every business must have to create long term success, over 40 areas of one’s business and life, what one is doing right, tweaks to improve, the four phases to getting one’s business to run without the owner, and a whole lot more.

For Additional Information:
 - http://www.TheVisionProject.net/Business_Xray.htm
 - Toll free 888.230.2300

NOTES:  “Yes . . . I believe I need to do a examination and the Business X-Ray sounds like a good place to start.  
I will . . .
Goal Date: ___/___/____    Actual Date Completed: ___/___/____


Step 3:  Implementation
Do you feel overwhelmed at times and / or just do not feel you have enough time in the day?   

My biggest challenge / problem is:_________________________________

Our biggest challenge in turning social media / internet marketing into dollars / profit is not a lack of knowledge, or even a lack of dollars, but a lack of time.  Time is the most critical aspect to us seeing massive success in every area of our business and lives.  

Our problem is not a lack of time, but where we invest our time.  Time in this respect is just like money, whereas if we invest our time into the right things we will gain more time, and if we invest our time into the wrong thing or the wrong people, we lose time and do not have enough time to do the most important things.

When we learn the secret about time we will have more time.  If we invest the right time in the right place within social media / internet working we will gain more time.  If we don’t, we will lose time.


In the “The Secret About Time,” we learn about natural laws which will help us to gain more time.  One of these natural laws is “The 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters.”

The obvious answer to finding more time is to contract out the work to someone else.  There is no shortage of individuals who know how to do social media / internet marketing but there are very few people / companies who really know how to quickly turn effort into money.

There are a number of individuals / companies who participate in mastermind groups which embrace those things presented within this white paper.  

There are also VA’s (Virtual Assistants) who are certified in leveraging social media along with The 5/30 Grid who can slide in and get the work done on your behalf.  The truth is, very few of us should actually be doing the social media / internet marketing work as that is not our highest dollar productive effort.


So . . . are you excited and inspired to take action and follow through but aren’t sure what your best next step should be?

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