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more  together than we ever could on our own?

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What Will It Take To Double Our Business?

Actually . . . believe it or not most people have a subconscious fear of increasing their business / income!


Most of us actually equate earning more money with working more hours and very few of us desire to work more hours.

What does every successful company have that companies that fail do not have?


How Do I Get Started?

The simple answer is . . .

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The more complex / detailed answer is . . .

There are five areas within every business and every business is only as strong, as it's weakest link.

The heart and soul of a business which gives us vision is Leadership .  Great leadership builds the most amazing BOS which empowers not only the company to achieve it's full vision but to help each employee, each customer and everyone we come in contact with to achieve their full potential.

What type of a Business Operating System BOS is running our business?

Area 1: Marketing - How do we generate more and better leads.

Area 2: Pre-Sales - How do we convert more of our leads into sales?

Area 3: The Sale - How do we overcome objections and close leads faster?

Area 4: Servicing - How do we turn our servicing into a profit center?

Area 5: Client For Life - How do we obtain more referrals from clients?

Once we get our BOS in place we will find that other companies will be very interested in working with us, partner with us, and/or referring business back and forth.  

Profitable Partnerships is one of the most powerful ways to grow our businesses with very little cost, time, or effort.  If we have strong leadership and all five areas in place we can “flip a switch” and new areas of business will be turned on every month.

Synergy can assist any company seeking to build and/or improve their BOS?  Synergy uses every product / service we provide in our own business.  We make sure it works before we offer it to our clients.

Synergy has the heart to help a brand new company getting started and the expertise, technology, and resources to assist you fortune 100, worldwide company.  

We have products and services for every size of budget and believe that when we are great stewards of whatever you invest, that you will gain a great return, and will continue to invest into more products and services that Synergy has.

Assistance comes in two ways:

1. Custom assessments, plans, and coaching.

2.  Online training, group coaching, and mastermind groups.

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Most companies do some combination of both to achieve their overall goals while maintaining their budgets.  

In general, custom assessments, plans, and coaching will produce faster results and much higher returns in the long-term because they are customized precisely to meet your urgent and immediate needs while moving you to your long term vision.

One on one coaching, or ActionVision as we refer to it, produces faster results due to a unique process which has been proven, for over 20 years, to produce amazingly accurate results by precisely helping you in very specific areas of your business / life.  


  • Rapid Results (Due to our unique process of detailed assessments we determine very quickly how to help you produce rapid results.)
  • Predictable Results (Every plan is customized specifically to the individual / company and produce measure results which are often 50% to 100% better.)
  • Easy & Fast   (Individuals using ActionVision can invest as little as 20 minutes a month into the system.)
  • Affordable   (Many clients have shared they have paid ten times as much and received far less.  There are many types of levels of plans to fit most budgets)

Online training and courses are designed to meet specific areas of needs which we have found clients tend to have challenges with.


  • Very affordable   (Usually less than 5% of one on one coaching.)
  • Convenient (Each person has their own personal account which is available 24/7.)
  • Proven Success (Over 20 years of successful coaching experiences is the DNA woven into each course.)
  • Precise Solutions   (Courses are designed to be targeted for specific areas within the 5/30 Grid.)

Group Coaching and Mastermind Groups are designed to provide live interactive opportunities to be taught by worldwide thought leaders as well as peers both inside as well as outside your industry.


  • Affordable (Up to 80% less than one on one coaching.)
  • Convenient (Ten or more to choose from each week.)
  • Proven Success (Over 20 years of successful group coaching experiences.)
  • Shared Success   (There are many different types of of group coaching and mastermind groups designed to help you achieve very specific results.)

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What does Synergy Solutions, Inc. do?

“We assist companies to develop and implement turnkey business operating systems to help them become the most profit businesses in their market place.”

Q: What does this really mean

A: Every successful company has a strong Business Operating System (BOS).  We help companies build and run their own customized BOS.  When we have a strong BOS we will earn a lot more money while working less hours.

Q: Do I really need coaching, I already know what I need I'm just not following through.

A: Actually there are different types of “know.”  There is the “know” which is the head knowledge type of “know” and the second type of “know” is those who DO.

The first type of “know” is really surface knowledge rather than deep knowledge.  Only those who have deep knowledge are those who follow through.  

There are three major reasons for someone not following through.  Coaching assists with all three of these and helps to move individuals / companies from a surface knowledge to a deep knowledge.  

We do follow through due to:

1. We do not know the True BENEFITS of following through.

2. We do not know the True COSTS of NOT following through.

The one that many people will tend to fall into is . . .

3. We do not know how to get done what needs to be done with our current level of resources.

With proper analysis, plans, coaching, proper systems and tools we are able to build a BOS which will help us to earn a lot more money working a lot less hours.

Q: How do I know if this will help me in doubling my sales / income and reduce the number of hours I work?

A: We have a three part process we use to determine “If” and / or “How” we may be able to best help you.

Step 1:  Examination

Step 2: Solutions

Step 3: Implementation

Just like a doctor will never give you a prescription without doing an examination in Step 1, the examination, we ask unique questions which help us to quickly understand who you are  and where your biggest needs may be.

Step 2 is possible Solutions and Step 3 is Implementation.

In Step 1, the Examination can be a simple short series of questions or a much more comprehensive examination, it's really up to you.

In Step 2, Solutions, we have found that people tend to like three types of solutions, a basic, intermediate, and an advance.  If individuals know they need to do something, but aren't sure what to do, or budgets are really tight, or there isn't a strong sense of urgency then a basic solution is often a great way to get started.

Intermediate solutions tend to be for those who tend to be very intuitive and can just feel “What is right” in the moment and / or tend to have a great deal of urgency in desiring to produce faster results.

Implementation, Step 3, is where our clients fall in love with us.  This is an area most individuals struggle with.

With ActionVision we have over 95% of those who start ActionVision will follow through.  Why is this percentage is high?

  • Thorough analysis

  • Detailed customized plan

  • Whole life plan

  • Easy to use and implement

  • Fast results

  • Saves time

  • Flexible

  • Based on rock solid natural laws

Q: One on one coaching sounds expensive.  Can I afford it?

A: Tom Kunz, most recent past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC has shared “People are going to pay for one on one coaching.  They will pay now or pay later .  They will ‘Trust the integrity of the system' and invest into coaching and gain the benefit OR they will not invest and pay the price in lost dollars and opportunities.  If they choose the later, they will pay forever, and will never get a bill for their lost dollars / opportunities.”

Because there are different levels for one on one coaching in most situations individuals / companies will not only afford it but will gain a great return from their investment.


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