NEW . . . BOS - Business Operating System Round Table
This monthly round table discussion takes worldwide thought leaders together to helping all types of businesses, all over the world, in all types of industries to install profitable BOS - Business Operating Systems.  The round table discussion will often revolve around the DNA to understanding people - Personality Masteries, and/or the DNA to business, the 5/30 Grid, and/or Natural Laws which create massive success with minimal effort.  The round table agenda is 20 minutes of discussion from the thought leaders and then Q&A for up to 40 minutes.

"Every business owner / professional, every employee should be required to attend this round table.  It will change the way they think about business and life!"

Jeff Marsh
Vice President - GE Capital

"As past President of an international company (CENTURY 21) I have seen so many systems, tools, products and services that it's fairly easy to become cynical.  When I was first introduced to BOS - Business Operation System Round Table I could tell right away it was very different.  I wish I had been introduced to this years ago.  I the decades I've been in all types of businesses I've never seen anything so easy, so simple, so powerful and easy to implement as BOS. 

Being a part of the Round Table guests is a privilege and sometimes I think I learn as much as those guests who attend.  I am still amazed that there is no cost to attend these monthly events.  Without question, anyone who doesn't make this a top priority to attend is missing a chance of a lifetime."

Tom Kunz,
past President CENTURY 21

Special Gift For Those Who Register.