The Golden Triangle - Workbook for the 5/30 Grid

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The 5/30 Grid is often referred to as the DNA of Business Operating Systems or BOS.  Personality Masteries is often referred to as the DNA for understanding people.  When the DNA for understanding people is combined with the DNA for business operating systems you get a very powerful combination . . . almost like a nuclear reaction which will change the way you do business forever. 

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The implementation of the 5/30 Grid is really a combination of being an art form as well as science.  It's that blend that makes the 5/30 Grid so very special and unique for each and every business/organization. 

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There is NO COST for the e-book version . . . our  only request is, if you do benefit from the workbook,  please consider donating $10 to Life Masteries  Institute which is a 501c3 non profit organization.  

Your donation will help young people and families all  around the world - Stop Child Trafficking - Inner City  Children - Assist Single Moms Start Their Own  Companies - Prevent Teenage Suicide . . .  and a lot more.   
We have also found that individuals who make a  contribution also tend to take the book/exercises/ assignments a lot more serious and your contribution  will actually help you to get much more out of the  workbook.

There are many workbooks available for the 5/30 Grid but none better than "The Golden Triangle."  Why?  Every building has a foundation and for every foundation there is a cornerstone.  Get the cornerstone right and the foundation will be solid.  Get the foundation solid and the building will last for decades.  The Golden Triangle is that cornerstone!

It is 6 of the 30 boxes which cover key foundational pieces in Marketing - Pre-Sales - and Sales .  There are many videos which help to fully support the learning process and natural laws throughout the entire workbook.  We'll start in the workbook by helping us discover our own Life Vision, i.e. the unique reason, we as an individual, were put on this planet in the first place. 

We will then learn how to take our newly discovered Life Vision and connect it into the DNA of the Life Vision of others. 

We believe you will find this workbook so helpful that you'll pass this along to everyone else you know in and throughout your network.  Great for coworkers, vendors, clients, prospects, and/or really anyone who would like to see greater success with less effort.  Share it with everyone in your social networks.  As we help others to see greater success they will be in a position to help us see greater success.

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The Golden Triangle - Workbook for the 5/30 Grid

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