1.2 Million Dollar Pay It Forward Endowment

Life Masteries Institute is a 501c3 non profit organization and has been richly blessed with a couple of very successful entrepreneurs who have given 1.2 million dollars to fund the Pay it Forward Endowment.  These two individuals have been helped over the years, both personally and professionally, as a result of Life Masteries Institute programs, networks, systems, and training. They desired to pay it forward themselves and believe others will do so as well.

This fund was specifically created for the Level 1 - Mastermind Partnership Program to enable any business owner / professional or anyone looking to get into business at some time to participate at very little costs.
The donors of the 1.2 million fund believe that people desire to be inherently honest and will always seek to give back more than what has been given.  The two donors have experienced this themselves many times and have set up the entire system based on trusting those who gain benefit and pay it forward as they are able to.
The guidelines for this endowment is that anyone moving forward on a Level 1 Mastermind Partnership may do so just by completing the online application and are able to invest $100 a month or more of the $300 monthly investment required.  This saves administrative and oversight costs so more of the money can be used to fund more participants.  
Please do not take anything more than you need so as many others can take advantage of the program as possible.  There is a twelve month investment commitment, so please take enough to where you will not put yourself into a financial bind.  You are always able to pay it forward anytime.

If you do not believe you are able to invest the $100 a month then a more complete application is required.  The more advanced application will request financial and asset information as well.  If at all possible, it is strongly recommended that you invest the $100 a month as that will save you and others time and resources.  If there is a real need, we want you to complete the more detailed application.


Life Masteries Institute has helped tens of thousands of people over decades and a couple of those individuals who have been helped are a couple of very successful entrepreneurs.  These two individuals approached Life Masteries Institute with a vision to help individuals start their own businesses.


After years of rigorous research these two individuals decide to invest into the Mastermind Seminars and Mastermind Partnership Program developed and implemented through Life Masteries Institute.  They shared . . . “We have decades of experience in business, community and education and we have NEVER seen any type of program which is so powerful, yet easy to use and applies to every type of business and community based organization in the world.”

The Core Team / Instructor
There seems to be so little funding and hands on practical application which applies to helping businesses and community based organizations build business operating systems.  With more efficiently run businesses and community based organizations more people will be served, more jobs will be created, and greater success will be realized by everyone throughout all communities.

As this program goes throughout the entire world there is an ongoing need to develop instructors and coaches to teach the twelve month curriculum, lead mastermind groups, and mentor individuals.  If you are interested in additional information on what it it takes to become a core team member / part of the faculty please complete the following information.

Questions & Answers

Q. In Paying It Forward should I choose to pay in dollars or time?
     - Type 1: Working Scholarship vs. Type 2: Pay It Forward Scholarship -
A. Great question!  Both are great options actually.  If you give of your time, you not only share of yourself but also learn from doing rather than just from a knowledge base.  By “doing” you also connect with some pretty amazing people, which is powerful.  The giving financially is, in many ways,  the easier thing to do.  Those who give financially are enabling others to participate in the program so both are valuable.

Q. May I split and give some time and some money?
Of course you can.  The donors believe that people are our generous with both their time and money will gain additional time and money back.  

Q. If I choose to give time, how much should I give?
We encourage you to give ten hours a month of your time which comes out to $20 an hour if you are obtaining the $200 a month scholarship.  If you are seeking more scholarship dollars (or less) you are encouraged to give more (or less) time.

Q. Where should the time be given and how should it be tracked?
It should be given through some type of a Life Masteries Institute approved project or organization.   There is an online form that you complete monthly as to where you invested the time.  Life Masteries Institute does track the overall time and the productivity of that time and provides that information back to the funders of the Pay It Forward scholarship.  

It is expected that each individual who has a scholarship will track any Pay It Forward time and money and will give back in excess of the $2,400 or whatever amount of the scholarship which has been given to the individual.

Q. Why is there a 12 month commitment required?
The donors are huge believers of natural laws and understand that 90% of the benefit can very well come in the last 10% of the program, the 80/20, 90/10 or 97/3 Principles . If we absorb knowledge and then don’t apply it we waste our time and in this case, other people’s money which is a violation of the 5 T’s To Stewardship.

If you are a great steward of the 5 T’s, you will learn how to turn your one hour a week you invest into giving you three hours of extra time and your $100 a month, or whatever it is you invest into $300 (three times whatever you our investing in).  The donors expect that you will also give three times (or even more) back to others in Pay It Forward, for every dollar of scholarship you receive.  

Q. There is a part of me that says “This is too good to be true . . .”
We see in education all the time literally billions of dollars being given to universities all over the world.  Why not do that for business / community partnership type of programs? This is why the donors have selected Life Masteries Institute to be a recipient of their generosity.

This is the largest gift to date that Life Masteries Institute has ever had.  We believe that business professionals and community based organization who benefit from this amazing gift and program will be great stewards of it and this will grow into billions of dollars being made in business, tens of thousands of jobs created, and a lot of great causes being helped.  

Tom Kunz- past President of the largest real estate company in the world, is actively involved in this program and Tom helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easter Seals. So this is right in line with what will happen in the future with this program as it continues to expand.  One of Tom’s favorite sayings is, “You can’t give away something that you don’t have.”  

Q. Who are the donors?
The donors have requested to remain anonymous.

Q. Why?
As you will learn in the program, Tom Kunz- past President of the largest real estate company in the world, shares that he believes every business should broadcast, promote, and leverage all their gifts to build the business. These donors agree and support that as well.  They also agree with Tom in that often those are giving in an anonymous manner.

The goals of the donors are . . .
  -  With the 1.2 million to have it not only self funding but to generate millions of dollars which are given back to the community through Mastermind Seminars.    (These community / business partnerships are one of the major reasons the donors have decided to make the contribution).  

   -  Generate thousands of jobs as a result of helping individuals to learn the science of starting and running successful companies.

   - To be catalysts for other individuals who have the ability to contribute large amounts to reach more people faster.

   -  To raise up entrepreneurs who are socially responsible and learn from the very beginning to give back.

   -  To give employees the gift of learning how to think in a way that will help them to reach their full potential in every area of their lives and to massively contribute to the businesses / community based organizations they are a part of.


There are so many individuals who have benefited from the generosity of others over the years.  Here are a few of those who have been helped.  We would love to add your testimony to this list as well.

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