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Want to be part of a group? How do get on board and bring value to everyone? Do you have a passion for becoming part of a community for connections? Join a Mastermind group and engage in bringing value and finding the true purpose in life. Get Excited. Get On Board. Join a Mastermind group today and Get Involved.

There's a purpose in life. What is it that excites us and motivates us to bring passion in other peoples lives? Take Action today! Reach out for the people in your life and take part a Mastermind group today.

Raise more money, with less time.  Find your passion...Find what matters. Find involvement and Join a Mastermind group today.

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When I first joint Community / Business Partnerships LIVE Events I didn't know how it was going to help grow my business . . . but it has.

Box 7 of The 5/30 Grid says that we should ask for referrals.  Initially I had some fears but when I heard David and Jerry sharing how powerful it was I started doing it.

In a very short time I had five new sales , two of which are some of the largest sales I have ever had.

I was equally encouraged to hear that Jerry heard me share my success story and he started asking for more referrals and he received two large new sales almost immediately.

When you're with a winning group of people all working to raise money for a great cause WHILE growing our businesses at the same time, it's a WIN WIN WIN for everyone!

Now I hear that my written testimony and my recorded success story may be sent out to tens of thousands of people I'm even more excited.

If you're not part of the Community / Business Partnership LIVE Event you'll want to be!

The group started out with five people and even with that small start we're all starting to see business as a result of our efforts.

Erica Cortina
CBS Outdoor



Why Participate At The Core
The Chicago chapter asked it's core members why they participate.  Some great learning lessons!

It's important to pause and learn from each other why we are inspired to participate as core members and this event. We offer our feedback to each other and take a look at how we can help all the ships rise together with the tide.


I'm part of the same mastermind group as Fitz , and I'm equally as excited.  We now have a detailed business plan, have VA's - Virtual Assistants , doing things for far less than we could ever hire employees to do.

We are one of the top franchisees in the KwikKopy network and what we love about The 5/30 Grid and the BOS - Business Operating System is that regardless if you are very large, very small, or somewhere in between , there is a perfect solution for every size budget and every need.

We're helping Fitz get positioned to do LIVE Events which raise money for great causes like Stopping Child Trafficking , all while growing our business at the same time.

Fitz is also helping us to build a turn key system to develop business from schools. 

Jerry Hays
Kwik Kopy Business Center #117


As a community based organization working very hard to stop child trafficking, I was stunned by how quickly David and Jerry were able jump in and help us.

They partnered with us in building a plan to raise over 10 million dollars.

They opened doors, gave us access to their VA's - Virtual Assistants, started a monthly LIVE Event and were able to help us get a ton of media / press which turned into donations very quickly.

We, in turn, have worked to promote them to over 100 professionals at a golf event, mentioned them in the press, had photos taken with them and are working to connect them to key businesses and other community based organizations to drive business to them.

It's an amazing group of people who are all helping raise money for a great cause and, just as importantly, growing their businesses all at the same time.

It's incredible and a lot of fun!

Rodney Daniels
Home of Hope Texas
rodney.daniels@ homeofhopetexas.or


"I went to the LIVE event one time and was blown away by how much I learned.   There was so much value at the meeting that I had to decide which priorities to focus on - the 5/30 Grid and discussion gave me strategies to reconnect with past clients and increase my closing sales ratio, which I am implementing now.    It applies directly to my challenges and it was perfect timing in helping me set goals for my business and am excited to share this with others.

I not only have started developing a better business partnership by attending, but  the tips immediately relate to any business.  And in the meantime, you're learning about a charity like Home of Hope in desperate need that is right in our community.  I would absolutely recommend attending!

- Debbie Charbonneau, Spring, TX


I purchased a KwikKopy franchise, paid too much for it, and it was losing money.  When I saw The 5/30 Grid and BOS - Business Operating System I know that that was the solution I was looking for.  The challenge was with everything being so tight I didn't think I could afford to get involved.

To my surprise it was so affordable that even a company losing money monthly can afford it.

It was amazing to me how in minutes the mastermind group I joined was able to identify some amazing opportunities I had to add a lot of sales to the bottom line and I never saw it.

A great system!  A great group of people!  Very amazing!

Gordon Fitzgerald
Kwik Kopy Business Center #106


"I attended a Mastermind Seminar for the first time and was impressed by the value offered. There was so much positive energy and a lot of helpful information gained from just attending.   We can work to grow our businesses together while supporting a worthwhile charity at the same time. I am excited to come back to the next event and would definitely recommend others to get involved by joining us and bringing someone with you!"

Dee McConnell 
Personal Wellness Coach 
Where Personalized Nutrition Is Made Easy 


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