Interview with David Hancock, President of Morgan James Publishing out of New York - Overview


What is your Life Vision?

10 Months To Success
Becoming An International Author & Speaker


David shares some of the secrets that he has found to be critical to success in becoming and international author. Morgan James receives over 5,000 transcripts a year and only accepts around 150 or 3%. David shares what the secret is to the 3% and it's not something that you would guess it would be. David said that those how are going through the 10 Months To Success program get put to the top of the list for consideration. Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21 shares some additional secrets to getting a CEO of a world wide company to be your co author and/or support you. David and Tom both talk about "supporting a cause" while being and author and how that will help you to impact more people and sell more books. David gives some very interesting insight sharing that we shouldn't have a focus on selling books, but should be focused on . . . ($69.95)

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