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What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

World wide thought
leads, such as Tom
Kunz, past President of
Estate, LLC. has
said “The 5 Areas of
Business are like the
back bone to any
company and the 30
boxes are like the DNA
of a company.

The 5/30 Grid will work
in any company, in any industry, anywhere in the

A. History of the 5/30 Grid

The 5/30 Grid has been developed over the last 20+ years by a group of international thought leaders, business owners, and executives.

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTRY 21 Real Estate, LLC. says “In my decades of international leadership I have never seen a business model, a process, a system that is so easy, thorough, and powerful.

"In my roll as President of CENTURY 21, I was exposed to a lot of systems and the 5/30 Grid is just amazing.

The 140,000+ sales agents in over 70 countries which I lead would have received so much benefit from going through the simple/easy process that the 5/30 Grid provides.

What's interesting is that the 5/30 Grid works for any company, in any industry, any where in the world.I was also on the international board for Easter Seals and helped raise over 100 million dollars and the 5/30 Grid works for non-profit and community based organizations as well.

Personally I think it should be taught in high schools to help every single student understand the science of being success in anything they pursue. Amazing!”

In the 5/30 Grid there are five areas to any business / organization and six levels of proficiency. Each of these six levels for each of the five areas has a box so there are 5 areas and 30 boxes, i.e. the 5/30 Grid.The 5/30 Grid is built on over 125 natural laws. These natural laws empower the process/system to work in any industry, at any level, in any situation.

It takes the complex, they mystery, out of the entire business development process and inserts simplicity.

B. The Power behind the 5/30 Grid

The real power in the program/system is that it is so simple and easy to understand and it's built on natural laws.

The youngest person to have gone through the 5/30 Grid is a 10 year young man who has is own business consulting / accountability company.

It's also so powerful that a CEO of a Fortune 100 company would also be challenged by it as well.

The lessons are designed to be easy to understand, simple, and yet challenging to individuals as it provides deep insight to all areas of business.

The diagonal learning process took decades to discover and it's the most effective way to quickly SEE new insights, UNDERSTAND both the value of those insights and HOW to take action DO, with current resources.

The DO'ing with current resources is the real magic. You don't need to hire new people, you don't need a lot of money, you aren't required to have new technology, you will learn to use whatever resources you currently have. When we learn to use our current resources more effectively we produce greater results which gives us more resources.


C. How to best use the grid

The following are ways an individual can go through the 30 boxes.

Individual Boxes

Pretty simple, click on a box you think you may gain the best benefit from going through, review the overview and take the lesson.

Diagonal Learning

This is the preferred style for learning as it's the most thorough leaning style and produces the fastest results with the least amount of effort. See the small numbers in the lower right side of each box.

Horizontal Learning

This type of learning provide deep and fast learning in each of the 5 areas of business. Best to use this type of learning if you have someone who specializes in the specific area and they want to gain masteries in that area quickly.

Vertical Learning

Entrepreneurs, new start ups will often employ this type of learning as it will blend each of the 5 levels of business one level at a time. This is a very strong way to fully integrate everything together.

Most individuals will go through a series of lessons and then realize that they will gain additional benefit by going back through the lesson a second time.

The program/system is so powerful that each of the lesson has been approved for credit for the Bachelor Of Science In Entrepreneurialism for those who desire to pursue a full degree.

D. How whole teams can use the 5/30 Grid

The lessons are so simple and easy to go through that every team member can benefit from learning how their own specific responsibility fits into everyone else on the team.

The 5/30 Grid will break down the silo's within a business/organization and build teamwork.

More advanced lessons are available once someone or a group have mastered the basic lessons.

Customized lessons, team plans, coaching, and consulting are also available as well.


E. What additional support is available?

The 5/30 Grid has individuals all around the world who are certified to coach, speak, consult individuals, businesses, and organizations.

The ability to customize the 5/30 Grid to one's specific business, career, organization take the use/leverage/power of the 5/30 Grid to a whole new level of success.

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