Lesson 2: The Rock Solid Process

Have you found that when you have a rock solid process, a plan, a map, with the right resources you see not only greater success but also success a lot faster and with less effort? There are five foundational pillars/areas which will help us to understand the science of becoming the speaker/author our heart so desires. We need 1. People, 2. Vision, 3. Process, 4. Planning, and 5. Systems. After Lesson 1. Casting Your Vision we need to take the vision and breath life into it. Once those around you see that you have a clear vision, that you have a proven process of success they will want join you in your journey to success. 56 minutes of great teaching and then 30 minutes for Q&A make this a lesson that will move you a lot closer to your dream of becoming an international author and speaker. ($69.95)








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