Lesson 5: The Plan - Fleshing out each chapter

Mark Boersma will share how he can write a book, develop a full Power Point presentation, and deliver that all in less than three to five hours a week and complete the book in seven weeks. This is not magic but it is having a very clear plan, following a proven process, and doing it every week for 7 weeks. Mark took 10 years to write his first book and what we'll learn in 59 minutes of instructions and 26 minutes of Q&A will save each of us 10 years or more. What we'll learn is that it's actually pretty easy when we know what we need to do. Discover a natural law. Have that law have five points, with each point/step being a chapter. Once we get the main topics for each chapter, then we use a list of over 150 natural laws which have already been discovered, or we can create our own, to fill in the specifics of the chapter. Mark says that this process creates an energy flow that is so powerful that he never has writers block and things come together in the most amazing way. ($69.95)








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