What is your Life Vision?

10 Months To Success
Becoming An International Author & Speaker


Lesson 7: Using the 5/30 Grid to turn your book into money

Now that we have a book Yahoo, that is so exciting! Great work and now is when the business masteries, i.e. the 5/30 Grid comes into place. What most speakers and authors do not realize is that really being an author and speaker is really running a business. The 5/30 Grid will gives us the unlimited capability to take being and author/speaker to any level of success we desire. It gives us the ability to build a core business system which could be used in any business to generate the most value for those we serve. To reach our Life Vision and the vision for our books/speaking we need to probably have a lot of money. To generate a lot of money we need to leverage the 5/30 Grid to create a money making machine. This xx minutes of instruction and xx minutes for Q&A will provide the starting point to empower us to have the system, network, team/people in place to were we can do the things we love to do and still make a lot of money. ($69.95)


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