Area 2: Pre-Sales

Do you get frustrated when you continue to call a contact and they just won't call you back? How many different messages have you left, and still no results? Tom Kunz, Past President of CENTURY 21 International has some great advice on this situation and the words you can use to totally END your frustration in this short recording. -
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What to do with too many leads AND how to put system in place to convert more leads into clients.  
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Level 1: Track 100% of Leads

Week 1: Track 100% of Leads
How hard is it to track a lead properly? It would seem like it's a pretty easy process,


Week 2: Quality Of Efforts
Often . . . if you can just tweak your marketing, your pre-sales, just a small amount, you can convert just 1 additional lead out of 10



What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

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