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What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 1: Marketing
Level 1: Identify Targets

Week 1: Build your database

Why is a database the heart of our business? The database is the corner stone of your business and when you learn how to set up a powerful database, work that database, and leverage it to it's full potential, you are putting yourself on track to see some amazing results. In this 32 minute powerful lesson along with 28 minutes of Q&A you'll learn how your Life Vision, your dreams and your goals are all tied into building a very powerful database. ($19.95)

Week 2: What Software/Technology to Use

Having the right database is a great start but then you need to work that database. It's kind of like being in a car race against your competition and not having the fastest/best car. The right technology will save you so much time, effort and will also help you to earn more money, work fewer hours and have less stress. Don't miss this lesson in putting the right foundation in place. 31 minutes of power-packed information along with 24 minutes of Q&A make this an invaluable lesson that is a must view/learn/apply for every business professional. ($19.95)

Week 3: BIG is A LOT BETTER (4Q's)

What's more important, a large database (quantity) or a great database (quality)? Actually . . . . it's both! In the 31 minutes of this lesson, you'll learn the key aspects of building a database that has both quantity and quality. Think about it . . . what would your business be like if you had a large database of high quality prospects, clients, and potential prospects. In addition to the 31 minute lesson this also comes with 30 minutes of Q&A of individual business professionals who are actually working on building the quantity and quality of database which will help them achieve their goals. ($19.95)

Week 4: Help OTHERS and Help YOURSELF

In this amazing lesson, you'll learn how one company took 20 years to build a database of 110,000 and then in just 15 minutes, through the leveraging of a partnership, took their database to over 1.1 million. When you learn the value of what you really do have to offer and how to make that offer to other referral partners, you can accomplish more in minutes than most businesses accomplish in years or even decades. 30 intense minutes of training and 31 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)


What do you get when three world thought leaders get together . . . - Overview

Some very interested in things without a question. Tom, Mike, and Mark all have some very interesting world experiences that help them all to see things in a little different light. Take their three perspectives and combine it with the 5/30 Grid and you will gain some very interesting insights into business, making more money, working less hours, having great balance in every area of your life, and how to use/leverage systems to do this faster and more effectively. In today's session we get starting with the corner stone of every business which is "Identify Targets" Box 1 of the 5/30 Grid. It's getting our database whipped in shape to position it to be a tool which will change the way we do business forever. ($39.95)


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