What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

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Area 1: Marketing
Level 2: Develop & Deliver a Message

Week 1: Develop & Deliver A Message Click here to download a marketing checklist

What good does it do if you have a high quantity sized database with strong quality of leads if you don't connect on a consistent basis? You are correct if you said "zero" good. Most businesses do not have strong databases and many who do, do not work their database in an effective/profitable manner. Did you know that one word change, one concept presented, one small phrase modified can double the results of your leads coming in? It's hard to imagine what can really be learned in 31 minutes. This is a lesson you probably will want to go through more than once, it is so powerful. 30 minutes of Q&A brings this lesson to the finish line. ($19.95)

Week 2: Measuring/Producing Results

How do you really know if you are successful if you aren't measuring all your efforts and results? In this amazing lesson, you'll learn not only the value of tracking key numbers but also how to leverage that data for even greater success. The faster you know if your activity is working, or not working, the faster you can make the proper business modification to see the success you so desire. 31 Minutes of training/coaching that covers hours of content presented in a powerful way. The 29 minutes of Q&A will help you to understand the content/truths being presented. ($19.95)

Three thought leaders share some amazing things. - Overview

It's always exciting to learn something new. It's even more exciting when we take action on what we learn and make money from the application of that knowledge. Tom, Mike, and Mark, not only share the the critical importance of learning how to develop and deliver a message but you'll also experience a special part of the session where they just do it. You could actually take that segment of what they've done and use it to build resources by partnering up with colleges/students to help the students learn and gain access into the market place and will help you grow you business without any costs. This session could give you a lot more resources without increasing your costs at all. We also cover the "Point of Entry" Principle in detail as well as how to integrate Box 1 - Identify Targets in the best possible way with Box 2 - Develop and Deliver A Message. ($39.95)





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