What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 1: Marketing
Level 6: Dollar Results Marketing

Remember back . . . when you first started selling or started your company? Remember when every lead was a great one and you were appreciative of them all. Imagine . . . having a system so powerful that you could track your leads from inception all the way through to Area 5: Client For Life and measure all the costs invested throughout the entire process and the overall profitability of not only that one client, but every other referral that that client brought you. How much would this be worth? Obviously this 33 minute lesson and the 29 minutes of Q&A will lay out the vision for this amazing feat which will help you and your entire team to imagine new capabilities that most companies never even think about. Another great benefit of this lesson is that once you really understand the vision, all the other lessons you've gone through have new meaning and importance.








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