Prospect Conversion System


What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 2: Pre-Sales
Level 2: Implement 10+ Strategic Strike

Week 1: Implement Strategic Strikes - Lesson 1

Did you know that, based on a number of university studies, the average number of contacts it takes to make a sale is between 6 and 10? The amazing part of this is that those same universities studied sales professionals and found that the average number of contacts a sales professional makes is between 1 and 2. If it takes 10 contacts to make a sale, and you only make 9, how much do you get paid for doing 90% of the work? Zero! This lesson can transform the way you do business and by learning how to put the right systems in place you can start to get your business to run without you. This 31 minute lesson with 28 minutes of Q&A will put the foundation in place for part 2 of the lesson.

Week 2: Strategic Strike - Lesson 2

The Strategic Strike is probably one of the most difficult boxes to do in the 5/30 Grid. It requires so much knowledge, some very powerful technology, and a great deal of discipline. Learn how to use natural laws along with personality masteries to put a system in place which will touch every prospect you ever have 10+ times, forever, without you doing any work. A 31 minute lesson along with 27 minutes of Q&A makes this a lesson you will not forget. ($19.95)






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