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How To Get Your Clients To Refer You 50+ Leads

Would You Like To Build A Referral Machine?
Listen to Ken's story on why he is referring so many people and why he plans to refer over 50 people.  Imagine . . . if all your clients were like Ken.  There is a secret to creating clients like Ken and then putting that into a system.  Both of these sessions are free.
- Interview With Ken -     - Followup Q&A


What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Would you like to gain more referrals?  Do you know that some professionals/business have built such an amazing referral system that they get all their business as a result of referrals?  Do you ask for referrals?  If you do not, you'll learn how to do so in this training session.  Do you ask for referrals in the right way?  This session will give you the science of asking for referrals in the best way.  It is amazing what one simple act, consistently done, can do for one's business.  Apply this lesson and share it with every other business owner you know.  As we help others, they will help us.  Great session!  (17 Minutes Of Powerful Learning - free session) - Click Here For Free Lesson


Area 4: Servicing
Level 1: Ask for Referrals

Does everyone in your company consider themselves to be a sales professional? This lesson is critical to the massive success of every organization and one of the most effective ways to generate a lot more leads with very little time, very little effort and zero dollars. "The Cluster Principle" states that it's not unusual that someone who is making a buying or selling decision will often know between 3 and 9 people over the next six to twelve months who are making the same decision. With this 31 minute lesson and 21 minutes of Q&A you'll learn how to change how you think about servicing and take the first steps to turning servicing into a profit center. ($19.95)






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