What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 4: Servicing
Level 6: Turn Into a Profit Center

Part 1
We've been told by so many of those who go through the entire 5/30 Grid that they wished they had known at the beginning what they discovered at the end. "Each piece of the system reinforces the other parts of the system to form an integrated whole that is much more powerful than the sum of the parts. It is only through consistency over time, through multiple generations, that you get maximum results." Good To Great - Jim Collins Turning servicing into a profit center is really about doing all the lessons you've gone through with excellence. A 30 minute lesson with 29 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)


Part 2
Often individuals/groups start strong but then finish weak. You know, based on the 90/10 Principle, that 90% of your results come form 10% of your efforts. When do you think that 10% usually is? If you said "the end", you're probably right most of the time. Most people/groups do not have the discipline, the drive or the passion to finish strong. By completing this lesson and the other final ones you'll be connecting things that anyone who has quit will have missed. Congratulations! A 34 minute lesson with 25 minutes of great Q&A. ($19.95)





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