What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 5: Client for Life
Level 3: Track All Efforts & Results

Is generating $10,000 on a client better than $5,000? Most individuals would say "Yes" but fail to realize that we really need more information. What were the Area 1: Marketing costs to generate that lead? What were the Area 2: Pre-Sales costs to move that lead closer to the sale? What were the costs for Area 3: The Sale? What were the costs for Area 4: Servicing to service that client, and what were the costs to turn that client into an Area 5: Client For Life? What were the other business opportunities that you obtained from that lead? If your costs for the $10,000 were $9,000 and your costs for the $5,000 were only $3,000 then the $5,000 client is actually much better. This 32 minute lesson will help you see things in a different way and the 27 minutes of Q&A will help you to understand what questions others are having as well. ($19.95)











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