Area 5: Client for Life
Level 5: Process for New Products

Part 1
Obviously if you have the best products/services in the market place, all other things being equal, you will be the most profitable and most successful company in your industry. In Part 1, the 29 minute lesson and 28 minutes of Q&A, you'll learn how all five areas must be involved with this to create success. Others who have gone through this lesson have been happily surprised at how this connects the dots to the other lessons.

Part 2
This 32 minute lesson and 27 minutes of Q&A picks up where Part 1 ends. This isn't just about developing new products/services but about taking your current products/services to new levels of success, new markets, and finding new ways of selling what you already have. As you finish up this lesson, there is a strong possibility that you'll be kind of wishing that you had paid greater attention and taken faster action on all the other lessons in the 5/30 Grid. ($19.95)







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