What is your Life Vision?

3. Process

Area 5: Client for Life
Level 6: Apply 5 Freedom Fighters

Part 1 - Apply 5 Freedom Fighters

Here is another look at the 5 Freedom Fighters as it applies to not only "Relationship for Life" but really all 30 boxes in the 5/30 Grid. The 34 minutes in this lesson along with 27 minutes of Q&A will help you to really take ownership for your time and how it's your choice if you want to have more time . . . you can. Remember . . . FINISH STRONG! ($19.95)


Part 2 - Passion Purpose and Life Vision

This is actually a lesson that in many ways should be at the very front as passion is the energy that gives you the ability to do everything within the 5/30 Grid and to continue to press forward when you feel like quitting and giving up. Actually . . . if you are one of those people who goes through all the overviews first, prior to getting started, start out with this lesson and see what it does for you as you go through all the other lessons. When you come back to the lesson in the end, again, we think you'll see how much the 5/30 Grid has not only changed your business but your entire mindset/life. So much so . . . . we believe that you'll want to share this system of thinking/business development with probably everyone else you are connected with. A 34 minute lesson and 27 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)


Part 3 - Deep Culture Building it and Living it

You've learned in past lessons that the "Caught In The Middle Principle" states that "If we are surrounded by weak, ineffective/inefficient people that we too will become weak, ineffective/inefficient as well". Deep culture is not just for co-workers in your company but also every single person in your life. Your spouse, children, friends, family, boss, clients, vendors, etc. Ask about "Career Success" as it's a program/system that is designed to transfer the natural laws to everyone you come in contact with. A 30 minute lesson with 28 minutes of Q&A. ($19.95)


Part 4 - The Next Step

So . . . you've gone through the entire 5/30 Grid, what's NEXT? Well, for different people it's different things. Much of it will depend on how well you - SEE - UNDERSTAND - and DO from all the lessons. Most individuals will join a master mind group if they are not already in one, many will obtain one on one coaching to help them really identify what they missed in going through the first time, some will start to lead other groups in going through the entire process. Again, each individual is different. This 31 minute lesson along with 29 minutes of Q&A will help you decide what is your next best step in your journey to achieve your Life Vision to "Reach Beyond Your Dreams And Goals In Every Area Of Your Life." CONGRATULATIONS! ($19.95)


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