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I increased my sales by 65% after only two months and I now have systems. The truth is I couldn't afford not to get on the program. The price I would have paid if I had not moved forward is five times what I invested!
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- Gordon Fitzgerald - Kwik Kopy #106 -



I owned a very successful practice of many years and, well, I think I had just lost the fun I use to have.

I don't want to be too dramatic, but honestly I think the life / business plan has changed my life. I'm excited, motivated and more passionate than ever!

Not only do I feel an intense life purpose, with the discovery of my own personal Life Vision, but with the systems, tools, and networks I have now developed in just a few months I can see so many opportunities that I never saw before.

Thanks for leading me to this discovery and journey. Read More >>>

Randy Eikermann
Eikermann & Associates LLC

Randy Eikermann - CPA - Eikermann and Assoc -

What is the true cost of procrastination? It's been interesting to me in working ActionVision now for a number of years in how not only is my business running a lot better but my thinking has changed. I now realize that I need to move faster, think less, and leverage the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters...
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-Edward Kirch, Realtor

As a CPA it's been amazing where I have achieved more with Synergy coaching / mentoring in very little time than over my entire career, and we have only scratched the surface. Synergy's expertise on nurturing partner, manager, staff growth, improving communications with clients and prospects has changed the way we do business! I am making better decisions, doing it faster and taking less time. I am sharing this with all my clients and others in my network.
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Kenneth J Bucci CPA, MST
Bucci & Associates
200 Broadway, Suite 106
Lynnfield , MA 01940

"I feel in love with the 30 minute Strategy Session because it answered questions about how I could achieve my full potential. The ActionVision coaching and PersonalityMasteries helped me to understand the science to me being successful."
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Misty Reynolds

Dear Mark: I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how impressed I am with the ActionVision business planning and goal setting system. This system is truly remarkable and easy to use. I didn't believe you when I was told that it could take less than ten minute per month to implement. This system is not only helping me earn more money, but also have more personal time and keep better balance in my life. Last month, I've been working on the system. I earned $52,000 in commissions. Mark Boersma is the best. Read More >>>

Roger A. Rossi-Remax Suburban

I just wanted to let you know how much the Action Plan has done for me. I've been in the mortgage industry for 18 years... I have never been in the position of running the business. Instead, it's been running me.

I have all my loan officers on the Advanced Action Plan. They all feel as strongly as I do about your product. By duplicating our efforts every day, week and month; we will have predictable results and will surpass our goals.
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Tom Ninness, Branch Manager,
Cherry Creek Mortgage

I was cautious about moving forward, concerned on the return on investment, that the coaching would not be in person but over the phone / webinar, and the amount of time I would need to invest.

I thanked my lead coach the other day, for pushing me as I can now see what an amazing decision I made. Honestly your coaching team, system, and process are so amazing.

Probably what I love the most is that my executive coaching team actually has a larger vision than I do and it's stretching me. I am seeing so many new opportunities for both my business as well as myself.

Only two weeks in and I know it's one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

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Bruce Brankle - Printing -

"I was feeling overwhelmed as a leader/owner and reached out to Synergy for coaching. What an amazing journey it has been in two years.

Not only has my life been transformed personally, but I have seen my agents who used to have poor attitudes change almost overnight.

I am so glad I am on ActionVision! " Read More >>>

Jewel Pendergrass -
Century 21 LeMac

"Someone had done a lot of work to simplify the very complex parts of a business into a simple to understand business operating systems.  

We were surprised by the low cost and how thorough it was. It set the foundation for precisely how we could increase our sales by 79%. We were amazed by how quickly things moved!

In all the years we have been in business we have never seen a process that was so simple while being so thorough and so quick to implement.

We're wondering if we should raise our goals even higher." Read More >>>

Jerry Hays & David Vaughan -
Printing Company -
Kwik Kopy


I didn't believe you when you said you could help me take my income from $150,000 to over $350,000. However, after setting some ambitious goal in my Action Plan, and the accountability you helped me with, now I'm a believer.

It seems too good to be true, but then again so did the $350,000. Who knows? Maybe $500,000 isn't a high
enough goal.  


John Weller - Cherry Creek Mortgage

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"‘Thanks to Synergy – my ‘whole' being – business and personal was assessed (in detail).

It seems I have an epiphany each coaching session! What a difference an outside perspective makes.

I am developing systems that help me to grow my practice (one I have in my dreams) and have a more balanced life. I now see opportunities that I've felt for a long time but did not know how to turn them into reality. Now I do!" Read More >>

Scott Allred, CPA
Business Accounting Services and Systems, Inc.

“I wish I would have gotten a bill each and every month for what I was missing by NOT being on ActionVision coaching. I have never experienced anything like this in my life or my career in owning a company.
DO NOT think about it as long as I did, just take action!"
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Ron Versteeg -

I am so impressed with the ActionVision business planning and goal setting system. This system is truly remarkable and easy to use. I didn't believe you when I was told that it could take less than ten minute per month to implement.

This system is not only helping me earn more money, but also have more personal time and keep better balance in my life. Read More >>>

Roger A. Rossi-Remax Suburban

"I honestly just wasn't sure it would be worth the money or time. After just a few months in coaching I wanted to share how amazed I am at my progress.

This is probably one of the most amazing, fully integrated Business Operating System I have ever been introduced to.

I wish I had known about this years ago. I would strongly recommend you check this out.”

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Walt Hatter, Hatter & Associates, LLP

What a great difference talking to you last night made in my business. You told me that I, being an analytical personality, may tend to spend more time than necessary with clients because I give them too many details and explain too much for too long.

After talking to a client, I learned the value of personalities, the coaching, and it helped me gain a great new client!
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Natalia Kabbe - Attorney and Counselor at Law

My Realtors tell me how they are WOW'ed by the persistent, consistent communication that "I" send to my Realtors showing them that "Bob's for real, Bob's in the game." . . .

It's thanks to ActionVision which helps me plan my every step so I can keep focused on the big pieces that are the most beneficial to my business. It helps to carry the ball to the ten yard line so I can go in for the touchdown.

Thanks for making my life run so much more smoothly, team. One of the best perks is that the time I save using these systems lets my wife and I visit our daughter and her family in Florida twice a year the past two years. . .  

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Bob Donnelly,
Home Express Mortgage, Chicago

“I have been part of other coaching programs over the years and while helpful, it wasn't like this.

I should have taken action much sooner, because I see how quickly the return can happen. It's customized specifically to me and my company, so it not only helps me increase my sales, but saves me money as well.

I've never seen anything like it! I am amazed!"
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David Thompson -

For me, Action Vision is a very positive and motivating system that will help me achieve the success I desire. Action Vision is my written business plan for success.

I have a great coach and motivator that provides me with honest and unbiased advice as well as excellent sales tips and I always feel that he cares about my success above all else.
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Bob Lauper,
Mortgage Consultant

Considering other coaches? I can relate. I did the same exact thing. But this program is far more comprehensive. My eyes are now wide open. Read More > > >

Kenneth J Bucci CPA, MST
Bucci & Associates


"Have you ever had a business lunch were it did not turn into business?  Have you ever had an amazing business opportunity almost slip away or how many opportunities have we just let slip by and never even knew it?  This case study is about a couple of business owners who planned on having a quick business lunch and turned it into a lot of business before the lunch was done.  

Case Study

Action Steps To Success . . .     - Don't just listen to the case study but pass it along to someone you would like to have the same experience with.  After they listen to this case study they will want to do the same thing with you.    - Order a printed copy of the workbook "The Golden Triangle"  - click here for information to order printed copy   -     - Give a printed copy of the workbook (very important that it is printed and not "just" a pdf) to the key targeted potential referral partner and/or client.  


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