Spiritual Assessment
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8. B1-4 There are results in my life based on the spiritual decisions I have made.
9. Strength of understanding on the requirements the Bible gives me in fellowship with other
10. Perception that I have a couple people in my life that I trust to give me strong spiritual insight.
11. Degree to which I get together with others who have a spiritual heart and personal relationship with God.
12. Degree to which I feel closer to God as a result of those I get together with on a regular basis.

Lesson 12 - The Art & Science of Account Management - Overview

Did you know that if your account management skills were stronger you would earn a lot more money and work a lot less hours? In this powerful lesson we learn how to sell to more people in less time. We will also learn how to leverage technology to reproduce our success "The Warm Belly Rub" and how to create Profitable Partnerships through mastermind groups. ($39.95)


Lesson 11 - Level 5: Speed To Sell - How to close the sale faster - Overview

How much more money would you earn if you could close leads twice as fast? If you answered "Twice as much" you would be correct. Not only would we earn a lot more money but we would work less hours. We'll also learn the power of the 4 Q's To Success and how they connect into the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters. The Fishery Principle will prove to be something that you'll never forget and will give you a different perspective on lead management. ($39.95)


Lesson 10 - Most valuable information to sell quickly - Overview

What would it do for your business if you were to have the ability to close the sale in half the time? What actions and systems would it take to accomplish this? Much of close the sale faster is connected into deeply learning what personality we really are and then learning the personality of those we are selling to. Once we learn how to listen and communicate to people based on how they listen and understand we will sell faster and with less effort on our part. ($39.95)


Lesson 9 - Level 4: Apply 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters - Overview

Have you ever felt that if you could just get more effective in your work that you could not only increase your income but could also reduce the number of hours you are working as well? Imagine not only learning about the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters but also connecting that directly into Personality Masteries. What would that give you in addition to a lot more time? Probably more income as well. This lesson actually combines a number of very powerful natural laws together. Combine the 4 Levels of Learning, with The Caught In The Middle Principle along with everyone else and we will learn to have a lot more time all while making a lot more money. ($39.95)

Lesson 8 - Team Selling & Getting a 3rd Party To Sell You - Overview

Have you ever found that when someone else says something really positive about us that others receive it so much better then if we say something about us? This lesson lays the foundation for us to leverage all the positive of others around us to generate a lot more sales. What's really nice about this is that once the system is in place it takes none of our time, it is totally consistent, and will help us to close a lot more of our sales and do it faster and with less effort. We also introduce, for the first time, the 4 Quadrant Profitable Partnership Model. When applied properly, we turn our clients from clients into profitable partners which is a WIN WIN WIN for everyone. ($39.95)


Lesson 7 - Level 3 - Why Prospects Are Lost - Overview

How much time do you believe sales professionals and/or business owners invest into determining why prospects are lost? If a business is losing 9 out of 10 prospects, which the average business is, would it not seem to make sense as to determining why this is happening and then develop a plan to prevent those losses in the future? Why is it that so many businesses do not do this? This lesson helps us to better understand at the core as to why we often do not do things that we know we should be doing. We also explore how to learn to gain 3 hours back for every 1 hour we invest into something, giving us a lot more time. Probably the most powerful part of this lesson is learning how to get someone else to do this which save us time, gives us invaluable data, and produces some amazing results. ($39.95)


Lesson 6 - The Art Of Overcoming An Objection - Overview

The average sales professional will only close 1 out of 10 prospect. What this means is that a sales professional could increase their sales/income by up to 900%, without any additional leads, just by learning how to overcome objections. There is a moment in time, we have a split second, to respond to an objection and if we fail to do that, we will lose the sale. This may be one of the most important and hardest lessons to really learn and apply. It's a game of seconds where all our energy, our work, our efforts, our personality, and the personality of the prospects all comes together in an instant. Will we respond properly? ($39.95)

Lesson 5 - Level 2 - Present Solutions - Overview

If we're keeping up in this series we have asked the right questions, we now understand their personality, their points of pain, and we're ready to ask for the sale. But wait . . . are we moving too quickly? Are we sure we've asked all the questions we should? We'll learn how to do a trial close and make sure that we're not moving too quickly AND NOT waiting too long. We'll learn about the revenue triangle and how to connect all the different pieces together to see greater success with the same or less resources. We'll learn how different personality types tend to like different types of approaches to presentation of the solution. ($39.95)

Lesson 4 - How the brains of the best salespeople are wired differently - Overview

This session is very different than other sessions in that we are learning how the best sales people tend to think in a different way than "normal" people. They look at problems as opportunities, as "No's" as a way for them to do their job and grow, and how to turn rejection into something very positive. We learn how Natural Laws are a key to learning to process information in a better way and how by processing information in a way to help us to SEE - UNDERSTAND - and DO things in ways that will help us to sell a lot more with less effort. ($39.95)


Bonus Session - Q&A - Overview

The live group has learned so much and is almost overwhelmed with all which has been presented. This session is taking a break from the new learning and working on making sure that all we have learned up to this point we really have mastered. Great questions and a lot of additional clarification of information on personalities and how to best present and sell to different personality types. Strong detail on very specific things in selling to different types of personality. ($39.95)

Lesson 3 - Level 1 The Value Of Powerful Questions - Overview

Did you know that success in sales has far more to do with asking the right questions maybe more so than any other part of the sale. People aren't impressed by how much we know, our past successes, or how great our presentation is. People buy, for the most part as a result of the questions we ask. Asking key questions connects back into every other box in the 5/30 Grid and will help us to see not only greater success but do it in less time as well. We'll learn how to asking powerful questions, listen carefully based on the prospects personality type and then how to build a bridge between our solution and the prospects challenges. ($39.95)


Lesson 2 - Creating Profitable Allies With 5/30 Grid - Overview

Napoleon Hill shares "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." Do you believe that? No . . . do you really believe that? When we have a certain mindset we tend to attract others with that same type of mindset and together we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own. Combine the 5 H's To Success, with conceive - believe - achieve, along with a whole list of other natural laws what do you receive? Success! ($39.95)


Sales Success - Introduction/Overview - Part 2 - Overview

In building the a house we need a rock solid foundation and the same thing is true with Sales Success. This foundation needs to be built with a focus on the customer and bringing massive value to the customer with all our products and services. We need to have a Code Of Honor, we need to build our business based on Natural Laws, we need to use the DNA to understanding people - Personality Masteries in additional to the DNA for Business Operating Systems (BOS) to see the success we so desire. We will learn how the Marketing Model is key to the overall success of our entire sales efforts and how to build a bridge between the clients challenges and our solutions.($39.95)


Sales Success - Introduction/Overview - Part 2 - Overview

Are you looking to take your sales skills to a whole new level of success? Are you looking for the secrets, systems, tools, and a network of professionals who will help you follow through on what you learn? Part 2 continues to set the stage for the 14 week intensive Sales Success training series. We also give the first assignment which is a pretty exciting assignment! It's the understanding of Pressure Point Analysis which will help you figure out mathematically how to determine what specific actions you need to do daily to achieve your sales/income goal. It turns sales which can be sometimes a little mystical and turn it into math, a very specific concrete way to achieve the WOW income goals that you so desire. FREE

Sales Success - Introduction/Overview - Part 1 - Overview

Would you like to double your income? In a way, that's a crazy question but really our responses are often a little more crazy. Did you pause and think about it? Why did you think about such an easy question? It's probably because we think about making more money in that we have to work harder and put in more hours. How do we earn a lot more money and work a lot less hours? It's by putting in systems that do a lot of the work for us, by working smart, and by leveraging sales tools and ours/others networks to see greater success with less efforts. This session will help us to get everything in place to start a 14 week journey that will change the way we sell, will help us earn a lot more money while working a lot less hours. FREE

The birth of an idea to focus on deep sales training. . . - Overview

What are the 12 Principles To Life Masteries? What is the Marketing Model and who will that help me to earn a lot more money and work a lot less hours? How do natural laws help us to become more successful in the implementation of the 5/30 Grid? How do different personalities view the past - present - short term - and future? What difference does that play in how successful a business is? This session is packed with things that has helped so many others and will help you as well. ($19.95)


Leverage others talents to earn more money and work less hours. . - Overview

How do you use VA - Virtual Assistants to work less hours and and earn a lot more money? Do you have a Business Operating System that helps you to see greater success with less efforts? Do you find it interesting that Christians are some of the worst ones in following through with what they say they will do. Are there really natural laws that God has put in place and regardless of who follows these laws, they will gain benefit and regardless of who dishonors the laws, there will be judgement. Very interesting session with a lot of other things covered. ($19.95)


How to use systems to overcome procrastination . - Overview

The 5/30 Grid as the foundation of our Business Operating System helps us to overcome procrastination as we are clear as to what actions we need to take. Clarity helps us to overcome procrastination. When we apply The NEXT Dimension Principle along with the 5/30 Grid and blend in the Opportunity Model we position ourselves for success in every area of our life. ($19.95)


Overcoming procrastination at the core. - Overview

This is a rough/direct lesson and drills deep into specific areas/issues with specific people. A rough lesson and one that should only be listened to by those who are serious about change and growth. The NEXT Dimension Principle along with "What's holding us back" and a wide range of other natural laws are covered to help individuals understand why they procrastinate and what they need to do to overcome it by quickly taking action. ($19.95)


How to build strong self confidence. - Overview

Interesting session on building self confidence when we are struggling, there seems to be failure, we are discouraged, there are set backs which seem to continue to hold us back. There is a science to success and if we do not know this science and/or do not follow the science we will continue to not live up to our full potential. We'll also learn about the 4 types of coaching and when it's best to use which one to gain the most success for us and those around us. ($19.95)

What does CPN, procrastination, and internet marketing have in common? - Overview

We learn in this session about how to drill deeply into someone's life and business and bring value quickly. Apply natural laws to the lives of people and their businesses. Learn to apply the 5/30 Grid and systems to all areas of our lives to see greater success with less effort on our part. ($19.95)

Do you have challenges with procrastination? - Overview

In this lesson we introduce three master mind groups/topics together one of which is Stopping Procrastination - RIGHT NOW! How much is procrastination costing you? If you're the one doing the procrastination you could be like Ben McCann, where it is costing him $500,000 a year. If you don't tend to personally procrastinate like Mark Boersma, but have others around you who do, it could be costing you $5,000,000 a year. Either way it's costing you a lot of money and we're not being the best stewards with all that we've been blessed with. Great session to go through deeply and then recommend that everyone around you go through it as well. ($19.95)

Are you feeling stuck? - Overview

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel that you are hitting a glass ceiling and just can not make the break through? The NEXT Dimension Principle can assist you to understand the science behind doubling our sales/business/income as a result of being a better steward of all that we have been give. In this session, we'll also explore what holds us back, and the science to the break through. We will learn at how to take where our biggest challenges and discover a solution and then build a bridge to move from our current challenges to the overall solution, faster! We also look at the three ways people learn and how that can help us to better communicate the value we have to offer them. ($19.95)


The 5/30 Grid and building a profitable company

What does the 5/30 Gird have to do with building a successful Christian company? When we are great stewards of all that we have we will see great success in every area of our business/life. The 5/30 Grid helps us to understand that God does have a natural order, a process, a business operating system were by we can have a more successful company with less effort. A great overall discussion on what it takes to see success in every area of our life/business. ($19.95)


Do you struggle getting others to take action? - Overview

Are there people in your life that you have a hard time motivating to take action? Are you frustrated with putting hours of time into individuals but do not see results? This session will help with both of these frustrations in addition to learning about the different types of marketing and how this ties in together. What is the core reason why individuals tend to not take action and how can we change this is the key point in this sesions discussion as well as how changing your time of sales calling by only 10 minutes can make the difference between getting the sale and losing it. This session is great for business owners as well as employees who are seeking to take their game to the next level of success. 15 minutes of instruction and learning and 45 minutes of Q&A, discovery, finding answers, and much more ($19.95)

What are men missing in communicating with their families? - Overview


This facinating session discusses the struggles men often deal with in communicating with their families and how woman can help the men in their lives. Do you feel overwhelmed in your business? Do you want to connect with your children on a deep level, but struggle with knowing how? Learn through the eyes of several different men as they describe their everyday challenges and how incorporating their families can and does help them in an amazing way. Also learn how the younger generation (men in their 20s) can step up to the plate and develop skills to not only keep up with this economy but be 10-20 years ahead of their peers. Men and woman of all ages need to listen to this session! ($19.95)

Why do some people succeed while others fail? - Overview

Do you have someone or something larger than yourself to submit your life to? Do you have activity in your daily life but no intention? This session is completely different from most sessions you have listened to and will stretch your mind in ways you may not be used to. Guest speaker, Dave Libby, adds new dimension to this group as they discuss the importance of focusing on others rather than ourselves due to the consequences that happen if we become too inwardly focused. Also pointed out are the dangers individuals in their 20s face and how we need to focus on the concept of learning from our peers and those older than us in order to develop insight beyond our years. This session is also great for individuals who are interested in music or the arts as amazing insight is given on how to mix these great fields with business. 60 minutes of interaction, instruction, laughter, fun, and much more as the group dives into a deeper dimension. You won't want to miss it! ($19.95)


Do you have activity without intention?

Do you have someone or something larger than yourself to submit your life to? Do you have activity in your daily life but no intention? This session is completely different from most sessions you have listened to and will stretch your mind in ways you may not be used to. Guest speaker, Dave Libby, adds new dimension to this group as they discuss the importance of focusing on others rather than ourselves due to the consequences that happen if we become too inwardly focused. Also pointed out are the dangers individuals in their 20s face and how we need to focus on the concept of learning from our peers and those older than us in order to develop insight beyond our years. This session is also great for individuals who are interested in music or the arts as amazing insight is given on how to mix these great fields with business. 60 minutes of interaction, instruction, laughter, fun, and much more as the group dives into a deeper dimension. You won't want to miss it! ($19.95)


Are you the blind person or the sighted person?

Are you ready to change from the irresponsible blind person to the sighted person who has to find his own way in life? Do you look at life with frustration or do you take responsibility for what happens and do something about it? Another incredible session with Ralph Miler as the group discusses the necessity of taking responsibility for change in your life. Hear the wise and eye opening analogies of the difference between taking Jesus as your Savior, but not taking him as your Lord. Also look at the difference of TAKING control of your life and BEING in control of your life and how God wants us to view our circumstances. This session describes the " crab in the bucket " principle as well as learning how to get rid of pride and learn how trusting others can give you insight into how you trust God. You will want to share this session with others you know! 20 minutes of discussion/learning and 40 minutes of Q&A, seeking answers to the biggest challenges people are dealing with, insight, and much more. ($19.95)


Have you ever been part of a project when you're heart isn't in it?

Have you ever been part of a project when you're heart isn't in it? Do you struggle with motivating yourself to move forward and fighting the desire to quit? This session not only gives you great insight into working through these frustrations but also helping others you know who may struggle with these same frustrations. Also hear a great new perspective on the "Footprints in the Sand" and how God will sometimes put situations in your life to get you moving forward expressed by a poem "Butt prints in the Sand." During the Q&A, individuals also get into Chapter 2 (Step 2a. WHAT actions need to be taken and HOW) of the Master Mind MAGIC book and start moving forward with developing your driving force and building due dates. This session was very different as you get to see more of the group dynamics and how each personality is important in developing group coherency. 15 minutes of instructions on leadership and 38 minutes of Q&A, moving forward on the MasterMind MAGIC book, and much more ($19.95)


Do you/others struggle with perspective? - WARNING 8 minutes of extreme intensity!- Overview

What is our life purpose? What does God really want us to achieve in life? Are we overwhelmed with all the things we could be doing that we often shut down and do not do anything? WARNING!! There are roughly 8 minutes of extreme intensity on how extensive child trafficking can be! Please be aware of this when listening to the lesson, Mark gives a lot of warning beforehand. Do you have issues with making assumptions or others making assumptions about you? Have you felt trapped in not knowing when to take action and when not to? This session gives great insight into helping you decide when to move forward with a plan and how to take into account another individual's personality and background. Also learn the impact of what a few assurances can make when trying to connect with a client/employee. Great session that will not only give you the answers to these questions, but also help you look deep into what you are passionate about and gain a perspective that people often lose. 23 minutes of instruction, 8 minutes of extreme intensity, and 29 minutes of Q&A, discussion, and much more ($19.95)


Is your business a "platform" for ministry? - Overview

Amazing interview with successful business owner, professor, and business/ministry/educational thought leader, Ralph Miller. Do you have a passion for reaching others for Christ, but unsure how ministry and business go together? Do you associate a paycheck with confidence in yourself? This session we had a special guest, Ralph Miller, who is one of the leaders of C12. Mark Boersma and Ralph Miller discuss the Bible and how there is no difference between being a pastor, business owner, education, or any industry and sharing Christ within your business. Learn how to create a platform for ministry and how working IN your business is more important than working ON your business. Ralph also shares an incredible perspective on how individuals associate their self-worth with work and money. This powerful session has roughly 20 minutes of discussion between Mark Boersma and Ralph Miller and 40 minutes of Q&A, ideas and suggestions on building your business for ministry, and a whole lot more. When we learn how to what Paul did in combining business with Kingdom work, we'll see greater success in everything. This is a session that will change your view on business and ministry and very well may give you some answers you may be seeking. Special message for pastors that you'll want to share with your pastor to bring value to their ministry. ($19.95)

Do you have a driving force? -
WARNING first 15 minutes are very intense!

WARNING!!! This session takes intensity to a new level. (First 15 minutes is very direct/intense.) Do you have confidence in producing the results you desire? Do you have a system, a process, to know specifically what actions you need to take to get to your goals? In this session we grow through Chapter 1 in Master Mind MAGIC in determine a driving force (measurable and due date) is and how to create one? This incredible session not only shows you how to create a driving force but gives you a scientific and mathematical approach to build a driving force and the actions to achieve it. Use this approach to narrow down the 10% of the actions you need to take in order to get 90% of the results. A bonus to this session is Mark Boersma's thoughts on a sermon he heard from Pastor James McDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel on how Jesus responds to individuals based on their personalities. This session will not only change your view on the Bible but also give you excellent insight on how to best use this approach in your business. Roughly 15 minutes of INTENSE instruction and feedback and 45 minutes of discussion and Q&A, specific actions to build a driving force, challenging one another, and a whole lot more. Natural Laws Covered: 80/20 Principle, Delayed Action/Result Principle, Weakest Link Principle, and touched on the 4 Q's to Success, and the Pressure Point Analysis which are in the book. ($19.95).


Can God use an 11 year old to change the world?

Can God use an 11 year old to change the world? Maybe the better question would be, is "Can God use you to change the world?" There is so much scripture to support that God can and DOES use those who are average, those who are just normal people to change the world. This session of CPN will blow you away! We will learn as a group how to use www.TheVisionProject.net lesson #6 of the 7 free lessons to have a system by which we can not only run our business but also lay up treasure in Heaven as well. In a Fox TV interview there is a professor that shares the mindset of his students. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=VxHfYNTrnic Watch this video and then think about the implications on your business, your family, your faith, and even your legacy. We as Christians MUST do something about this and in this session we share some pretty powerful things on actual actions that people will take. Roughly 15 minutes in instruction and 45 minutes of Q&A, feedback, challenging one another and a whole lot more. $19.95 for this lesson.


Connecting our vision into others

CPN - How do we discover our own Life Vision? How do we connect our Life Vision into the Life Vision of others? Are we allowing our fear, our own limiting personality to limit us or are we stepping outside of our fears, patterns, and thought processes to be everything that God would have us to be? This session is an amazing session talking about how to charge forward with confidence, how to overcome procrastination and take action quickly and with confidence. TIPS from the training session
1. Keep a journal - Write down everything you're passionate about professionally and personally.
2. Focus on your passions and do not allow yourself to get caught up in the details.
3. Find someone to share your passions with - if you work together with someone to develop your life vision/passions than together you can accomplish more than you ever could on your own. One Hour Video with great content and a lot of Q&A.

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What is your Life Vision?

Connecting Our Vision into Others

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