What is your Life Vision?

06. 12 Principles To Life Masteries

Did you know that 95% of deep culture for most companies all around the world will the be same? Would you like to learn to think in a different why, in a way that will help you earn more money, work less hours, have less stress, and have greater life balance? You will love this natural law.

12 Principles to Life Masteries: Introduction (1.18 Minutes)
#01: Walls of Opportunity (1.12 Min)
#02: No Problems, Only Opportunities (2.30 Min)
#03: Ideal or Nothing (2.18 Min)
#04: Time vs. Priorities (3.53 Min)
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#05: Thinking, not Knowing (4.01 Min)
#06: Good vs. Great (1.29 Min)
#07: The Lucky 13 Rule (2.25 Min)
#08: Value in Life (2.29 Min)
#09: Roller Coaster Mystery
#10: Stewardship (7.26 Min)
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#11: Focus (3.55 Min)
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#12: Never Quit (5.13 Min)
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