Life Masteries Institute (LMI) is a 501 c 3, IRS approved, profit organization devoted to making a huge difference in the lives of everyone of the 7+ billion people all around the world and do it in a fun and exciting way.  LMI has many projects which contribution to making a difference and the funding for each of these projects come from individuals like yourself as well as companies / organizations that you are employed by.

We believe that when we make a difference in the lives of employees that that also impacts the bottom line as well.  For those who are going through the Career Success program we encourage each employee to make a $7/month contribution to their own success as well as the employer to match that contribution with a $7 a month, per employee contribution, from those who are benefiting from the program.

Some employees / employers will make a larger contribution and others will make less.  Whatever the contribution is, we have found that those who give back, get more from the program as it seems like "Those who contribute have skin in the game."  


All contributions are used to:  
* Fund the on going development of Career Success  
* Bring the program to schools and young people in need  
* Help young people reach their life dreams and goals  
* Stop child trafficking  
* Prevent teenage and adult suicide   
* Assist overcome depression  
* Assist widows and orphans   
* Training and support for single moms    
. . . and a lot more . . . 

Thank you for your contribution!  We know your generous contribution will help you to gain more value from Career Success AND will also impact other people directly in your community as well as around the world.

There are also special benefits and resources which are made available for all those who make contribution and you will become a member of the Career Success community.

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