Mark & Jonathan Boersma Journey To Africa

When Jonathan, Mark Boersma's oldest son was 13 years old Mark and Jonathan went to Africa for three weeks.  What a journey!  What a vast learning experience for things that Mark and Jonathan were not prepared for.  Join them . . . on their journey and learn some of the most amazing, life changing stories of success.

The Secret To Personal Success

Career Success is a program designed to help employees, leaders and teams to see greater success .  How do we all learn to take personal ownership?  How do we learn not to be defensive and discover our own life vision and then connect our life vision into the team's vision? 

What happens if we don't like and/or benefit from a lesson or feel that one is basic?  We'll learn how to ask a series of questions which will assist us to gain a great deal of benefit from each natural law presented.  

What is your Life Vision?


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