What are some of the biggest challenges those in China face?  What can the West learn from China and China learn from the West? 

The 3 Questions and Answers
For Issues
Dimensional Thinking and Learning
Opportunites in Life, Mach 1 Principle

Harmony in Life Session
Feat. Present and Future Needs with Teresa Lekan

The 6Ds and 6Ps
6Ds to Defeat - 6Ps to Prosperity
How to Enjoy Expressive Energy
Expressive Energy Session - How to enjoy it!
Session from Mark Boersma's Journal
The Session is from the Journal of Mark Boersma of Synergy Solutions
Core (Heart) of the Issue + Life Is Your Playground
The session begins with getting to the heart of every issue without just alleviating the symptom, later Dwight pholisophy of life being your "playground"
People Have Different Frequencies
How do you build a group of people that have various points of view in which you can hear one person but cannot hear the other?
The Value Of Quitting
Interesting differences in opinion between Mark and Dwight.
Great discussion and things to think about.  What are the factors to considering in quitting vs. keeping going.  The value of learning how to discern between setting goals vs. commitments.  
The Victim Is Villain - Setting Boundaries
If we stopped being victims so many things would be cleaned up.  If we're blaming anyone for anything then we're a victim.  .
What Or Who Am I & What Is Choice - Part 2
No boundaries. Young children do not have boundaries. Why is this important? Interesting conversation.
What Or Who Am I & What Is Choice - Part 1
What do we really have choices about/  What am I really in control of?
Sunk Cost Fallacy
We often invest so much that we don't feel we can walk away.
Partnership Approach II - Creating A WIN WIN!
This the second conversation.  Ask for time to have the conversation.
If it's worth doing . . . it's worth doing badly
Good enough if perfect.
Asking Key Questions
Covenant With Self
Value . . . provides a foundation in my life.
How To Change A City
What actions need to be taken to change a city?
The Paradox . . .
We focused on results not lifestyle.
We Have No Rights . . .
When we think that we have rights we often miss the core, the heart of
the issue and we continue to have the challenges.
I Don't Understand & Why Did You Do That
Often people say the above statements and it doesn't work out well?
Why we don't plan
We often don't plan as we should.  Why? 
The News That Shouldn't Be News
How much of the news shouldn't be news?
What Is Truth . . . Is Lazy Good Or Bad
Teresa asks the most interesting question in the discover of truth.
Choose Courage = Gain Confidence  //  Honor
If we choose courage first we gain confidence.
80% Of Success Is Just Showing Up
Why do so many people not show up?
The Courage Of A Final Conversation
Have you ever had someone kind of fade out of your life without a final conversation?
The World Is Your Playground . . . Everyone Is Your Potential Playmate
Most of us have a fear of talking to strangers.
Are you a Jerk or Martyr
Often we end up being a "Jerk" and hurt people or we choose to be a "Martyr" and taking abuse.
Living to 168 Years Old
Is it possible?  Is it desirable?
Men vs. Women & Responsibility // How Bad Men Make Good Men Possible
Are women more responsible than men?
Be Benefit To Guilt
What's the difference between good guilt and bad guilt?
Thinking We Know Something That We Do Not
We often are not achieving our full potential . . . we know that in our gut . . . but we're wrong.
LOVE is Overrated . . . RESPECT is Underrated
How does one balance love with respect?
What is the most coveted position on the planet?  Being a victim!
We give away our power, control and really our future happiness / joy when we become a victim.
Dwight & Mark Going Off The Deep End - Fact vs. Fate
What perspective do you have on life?
Toxic Words . . . Taking Away Our Power
Good, bad, guilt, right, wrong, fair, not fair . . . "What difference do I want?"
Partnership Approach - How to best handle conflict? 
Have you had challenges with relationships or partnerships?
Forever In Touch . . . Follow up on "Never Quit"
Have you ever lost touch of someone in your life and wish
you still were connected
The Value Of Giving Up
We all hear the value of persistence but how many times
Inner Conflict
Do you have inner conflict and aren't sure what you
should do about it?
Indecisive & Being Lazy
Are you indecisive?  Do others think you're lazy?


What is your Life Vision?

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