The 5/30 Grid is often referred to as the DNA of Business Operating Systems or BOS. Personality Masteries is often referred to as the DNA for understanding people. When the DNA for understanding people is combined with the DNA for business operating systems you get a very powerful combination . . . almost like a nuclear reaction which will change the way you do business forever. If you have not downloaded the 5/30 Grid, do that right away. - Click Here -

It is 6 of the 30 boxes which cover key foundational pieces in Marketing - Pre-Sales - and Sales .  There are many videos which help to fully support the learning process and natural laws throughout the entire workbook.  We'll start in the workbook by helping us discover our own Life Vision, i.e. the unique reason, we as an individual, were put on this planet in the first place. 

Are you missing something in your company . . . but aren't sure what it is? Are you seeing low sales or low moral or the team just doesn't seem to be working well together?  Are you and others short on time?  Are there challenges with follow through?