What is your Life Vision?

Natural Laws for each season / decade of our lives helps us to better understand how we can learn and grow and achieve our full potential.  Always good to take a look at other seasons of life to see what we're in store for and/or to realize that much of what we're missing in our 90's. . . are in many ways the same things we were missing when we were five years old.

Are you valued!  You are special!  You have so much to give . . . even if you don't realize it, you really do!
Share your thoughts and points of wisdom as well.

New Born
Up to 5 years old
6 to 13 years old
14 to 19 years old
20 to 29 years old
30 to 39 years old
40 to 49 years old
50 to 59 years old
60 to 69 years old
70 to 79 years old
80 to 89 years old
90 to 99 years old
100+ years old



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