Life X-Ray

Features and Benifits


What is your Life Vision?


This Life Stewardship X-Ray will provide a baseline measurement to demonstrate how well you are doing in numerous areas of your life and outline steps for improvement. This tool is designed to help you identify where your strengths and weaknesses are and what you value in each area of your life.



How it Works

When you, your associates, or your family members do a Life X-Ray, you will begin to understand what your full potential truly is and learn what specific actions need to be taken for you to achieve it. The X-Ray process looks like this:

  • Sign up for your 30- to 45-minute X-Ray interview with a certified consultant.

  • Receive a four-color hard copy and a unique web link containing your personal X-Ray. (You will also receive a packet of educational information about what is revealed in the X-Ray and how to use it to challenge yourself to grow in all areas of life.)

  • Go through a one-hour coaching session with a certified consultant to understand your X-Ray and set a course of action to act on what you've learned.

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