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Information: Are you looking for a technology solution which can handle all your CRM (Customer Relationships Management), all your training, promotions, marketing, and automate the replacement of you as an owner? MCAT may be the solution you never knew existed.

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Did you know that your IP - Intellectual Property i.e. what you know/your experience could generate 10 times more for you than you are currently earning and you may be able to do that in less than five hours a week? What holds people back? It is often not knowing what is possible and then not having the technology, resources, know how, people, vision, process, plan, and then the systems to do it. Part 1

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A. Importance

What is the greatest challenge/desire that every entrepreneur has?

What is unique to the entrepreneur that is probably not present in most any other occupation, type of person, other than a parent is that the entrepreneur desires to reproduce themselves.


They have hundreds or thousands of other ideas and opportunities so they have zero fear in being replaced. Individuals how have jobs, those in education, government, leaders and most other people in the world have a fear of being replaced.

Entrepreneurs do not have that fear.

The closest thing to an entrepreneur's mindset is that of a parent. The parent is willing to give up for the child without fear.

Systems are the key to reproducing us. If we have a very large Life Vision we must of systems in place which give us the ability to reproduce us, others, and to reduce costs, increase profits, offer to all, the benefits which, in the past have only be offered to a limited few.

B. How to do it right

The Vision Project seeks out the most advanced systems on the planet to bring to it's members.

In an open community the best systems prosper and are shared openly with others.

Stewardship of the 5 T's helps us to be wise stewards of all that we have been given and by being great stewards of all things, we are given more.

The understanding of how to use every tool, system, process we have been entrusted with comes from the deep understanding of all the natural laws.

When we understand the natural laws, we will apply the right systems, in the right way, at the right time, in the right order.


C. Tools/Systems

There are many systems which are available through The Vision Project. We as a community work to present the best solutions, in the best way, to empower you to achieve your own personal Life Vision and to assist those around you achieving their Life Vision as well and doing it together.

D. Helping others

You will find tens of millions of dollars of insight, knowledge, and wisdom in the use of systems within the network.

Enjoy, be grateful/thankful, and then Pay It Forward to others as well.

Remember . . . as we help others we are helped far more than those we actually help.

The Secret To Really Achieving Our Life Vision is really in helping others!

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