What is your Life Vision?

Chapter #2 - Step 2a: WHAT actions need to be taken and HOW

Chapter 2 covers Step 2a. WHAT actions need to be taken and HOW do we need to take each action. We learn in this chapter about the 5 Areas to Business from the 5/30 Grid, the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters, how to best accomplish things as a team in learning about personalities and what order we should start a project with. We will learn about energy base, based on personalities and the decision making model based on personalities as well. When we do the right actions, in the right way, over the right period of time, it stands to reason that we'll get a predictable result won't it? When we learn the 7 turn key systems every business must have and how the "caught in the middle" principle can hold us back we will SEE things we've probably never seen, UNDERSTAND things we have not before, which gives us the power to DO things we have never done before. The 20 minutes of instruction along with 41 minutes of Q/A makes this lesson one that you will remember the rest of your life. ($19.95)


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