What is your Life Vision?

Chapter #3 - Step 2b: WHO will take each action  (Included Personality Masteries)

Chapter 3 covers in detail Step 2b. WHO will take each action? The WHO may seem like something easy, when it fact it may be the most difficult and complex. Why? It's due to the different personality types. When we learn how to understand how different personality types will take action in different ways, this explains so much as to why some people are successful and some fail doing almost the same action. If we're leading a project and/or our income is tied to a project, it's pretty important that we get a predictable results, isn't it? The 21 minutes of instruction along with 32 minutes of Q/A cover how the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters all connect into the various personality types that people may have, which assists us to best understand our own capabilities as well as the capabilities of others. ($19.95)


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