What is your Life Vision?

Chapter #4 - Step 3:   DUE DATE for each action  (Included Personality Masteries)

Chapter 4: DUE DATE is another chapter that would seem to be pretty simple. How hard/complex is it to schedule a due date for an action? Actually . . . it can get pretty complex. When we understand that each of the different personalities actually do look at a due date in a different way and the due date will have a different meaning for each and every personality type. We will also learn about the 12 Principles To Life Masteries as well as the Code Of Honor or the Rules Of The Game which is really the core culture that every team should be governed by. 19 minutes of instruction along with 39 minutes of Q/A make this session a great session to learn how to get any project you are working done in the shortest amount of time possible.


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