What is your Life Vision?


Chapter 1 – The Basics – The Examination - Overview

How do we learn to think like a president of our
own company?  We need to learn how natural laws such as the
"Investment/Return" principle where we look at all the money that a
company invests into us as an investment.  If we give our company a
great return on the investment they make into us, what will happen?
  They will invest even more money because we make more money so does the
company.  We'll also introduce the powerful concepts of VA's - Virtual
Assistants and how they can complement employees and bring greater
profitability to a company, do things that others do not have time for,
and seize business/profit opportunities that are just there for the
taking.  We'll also learn how we as employees may want to view ourselves
as virtual assistants, which is really being a president of our own

When we learn how to ask the right/best questions we give ourselves and others the ability to
grow and change a lot faster.  When we apply the natural law 5 H's To
Success, we will now have a system to see success in every area of our
life. ($19.95)


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