What is your Life Vision?


Chapter 5 – Systems and media to mass produce success - Overview

There are five areas to business and we each play a role in one or more of these areas. When we learn how our role fits into the roles of others on the team we are able to generate more sales/profit which then creates greater success for us and everyone around us. Once we gain personal success the next step is to learn how to automate our success, use media, technology, and/or lower costs to reproduce us. Weak people/employees will work to protect their jobs/positions/responsibilities whereas employees who think like CEO's understand that team members who think like this will always have a position and will always, in the long term, earn a lot more money as a result of thinking in this manner. We will also gain exposure to the 5/30 Grid and learn how there are different levels/dimensions and when we master one dimension and go to the next dimension, we will see greater success. ($19.95)



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