What is your Life Vision?


Introduction –
The Foundation for All Success – The Story

Over 50 short/powerful videos are incorporated into this book to bring this book and it's life/business changing concepts come alive. Are you an employer looking to generate greater profitability? Are you an employee looking to earn more money, work less hours, have less stress, and have greater balance in every area of your life? This book is all about helping employers and employees to come together and make a lot more money together. If a company we work for does not make money then they can not pay employees more money. This book will change the paradigm for owners, leaders, and employees. We'll learn how, as employees to look at our positions as if we are the president of our own company. As owners, employers, leaders we will learn how to make our companies a lot more profitable, which gives us the ability to help all those high producing team members/employees to earn more money as well. We'll also learn how to strategically employ VA's Virtual Assistants within our company to help compliment the productivity of every employee. As employees we'll learn how to be become the president of our own company and demonstrate our value to our company and peers through greater productivity. ($19.95)

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