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The Coffee Connection special edition Golden Triangle workbook has over 140 pages of four color printing with stories, graphic, diagrams, models, tools, charts and assignments that will change not only your business but your life if you follow through with each and every page.

We recommend that you take 10 pages a week and cover them with a group of link minded masterminds.  We can achieve far more together than we ever could on our own.  Due to the large size of the book and everything being printed in four color the cost to print each workbook is $25.  To gain the most from the workbook others have found that by committing $xx/month on a consistent basis that it greatly helps to follow through on what the workbook teaches.  The more generous / committed we are, the more benefit we'll gain from the workbook and Coffee Connection.
All monthly consistent gifts go to great causes all around the world.

NOTE:  Life Masteries Institute will connect with you with a link for payment for the order which will include Shipping and Handling.  S&H is normally around $9 for three books shipped.


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