Time Management -

What strengths and weaknesses do the chameleon personality have in time management? How can their diverse energy accomplish so much? This session was a wild one as we learn how how to better understand the chameleon personality, what motivates them, why they make the decisions they do, how to work with them, understand them, sell to them, manage them, understand them as a leader, and even learn how to take their gifts/strengths and apply them to our lives. If we are the chameleon personality we will learn more about ourselves, what makes us tick, how we can take gifts of flexibility and prevent it from becoming a weakness. We will learn why "When we are hot we are really hot and when we are not, why not." We will learn how to take the gift of flexibility and leverage that for even greater success while not being taken advantage of. We will also learn how to identify the times to switch personalities how to stay in control of this. Join us for a jam-packed session where we discover the answers to all of this and more with 35 minutes of instruction and 25 minutes of Q&A, a story on how Mach 1 was discovered and how could help your business, expert advice from Tom Kunz, past President of Century 21, and much more. ($19.95)


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