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How much more success would you see in every area of your life if you could identify someone's personality in 15 seconds?

"This is the fastest, easiest, most powerful program/system for understanding personalities I have ever seen. It is presented in a way that anyone can understand and use every day in every area of their lives."

Dr. Pam Straker (Ph.D. in Psychology)

Have you ever treated others they way you wanted to be treated and it did not work out so well?

Have you ever felt your personality was holding you back both personally and professionally?


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"I have never seen anything like this. It is helping me personally and professionally. It is the scientific process for understanding people, which anyone can understand. I use what I have learned EVERY day!"Dr.

Gregory Simpson (Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry)


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Do you feel you could earn a lot more money, work less hours, have less stress, and have a much more balanced life if you could just better understand yourself and those around you AND how to have a better response in challenging situations?


Personality Masteries is much more than a product/service, it is really a life changing movement. Why is it so powerful?
What are others saying . . .

“As past President of CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC., leading over 140,000 sales professionals in over 70 countries, I had the privilege to be exposed to every major personality assessment in the marketplace. When I went through the level 1 certification I have to tell you it changed my life forever.

For the first time in my life I saw, at the deepest core, who I really was and why. I understood things about myself that I never even realized I didn't know. I immediately applied what I learned to my kids, their spouses, my wife, and even my ex-wife. The certification program is so powerful, so easy to go through, and so inexpensive that I believe every single person should gain the benefit of going through the course.

From a professional/business position it helps us understand in seconds our peers, those we lead, vendors, owners, partners and, most importantly, our clients, in a way I never even dreamed of. We see their world through their eyes! This enables us to market better, sell more effectively, service in the way the client wants to be serviced, and create clients/relationships for life.

The ease of picking up this knowledge surprised me and the depth of materials and resources which are available excited me.

I wish I had had this invaluable understanding decades ago. I would have made it a requirement for every single person in our company.”

Tom Kunz, past President - CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC.


As Tom shared there is so much content that is available and more is being developed every week.

Where does one start?

Most individuals will start with Level 1 Certification, as it is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Some individuals will take individual lessons and others will take specific courses on specific topics. It is strongly recommended that you take the Level 1 Certification first as it gives you a strong foundation and covers things which are not covered in any other series.

All training is online. Any representation of material is presented to assist you to understand what you will be receiving through online training only. No materials will be sent to you as you will have access to everything 24/7 directly online.


Personality Masteries - Level 1 Certification
“Reaching beyond our dreams and goals in every area of our life.”

10 Week Course - Outline

Week #


Personality Masteries is a system by which people can learn how identify an individual's personality in 15 seconds of meeting and/or talking to them over the phone. Once you know an individual's personality you know their strengths, weaknesses, why they are successful, what is holding them back from additional success, if they are married, what type of individual they are probably married to, strengths and weaknesses in the marriage, why they would like to work with you or if they would not, why not, and what you can do to better connect with them. We have individuals who have their Ph.D. in Psychology who go through the certification process and are amazed at how powerfully accurate the process/system is in understanding themselves as well as others. Achieve success in all relationships in ways most people only dream of.


Personality Masteries certification will bring value to our careers in helping us to earn more money, advance faster in our careers, work less hours, have less stress, and better understand the people around us, both personally and professionally. Because we learn more about ourselves and those around us, Personality Masteries Certification will assist us in improving our relationship with our spouse or significant other, our parents, children, siblings, friends, and other relationships which are important to us.


$487 for the full level 1 certification course

(10 Lessons + 5 bonus lesson)
$562 Savings!

- Regular Price - $1,049 for 15 Lessons ($69.95/each) 54% Savings ! ! ! - Questions . . . 888.230.2300 ext. 222

Free - Bonus $585 Value

3 Months - Live Mastermind Group Coaching

- Refer this system to three other professionals who may gain value from this and we will give you 3 Months of live Mastermind coaching - Click Here , and we will give you three months ($195/month) of Level 1 - Mastermind live group coaching sessions


If individuals who have their Doctorate degree in psychology say they learned more in this 12 hour course than they did in the Doctorate program, it's obvious how each one of us can benefit from the program.

When we learn about ourselves at a deep level, we learn why we respond to others the way we do and why, based on the combination of our personality and their personality, they respond to us the way they do. We learn what people are thinking about us and how those thoughts affect our relationships, careers, friendships and family. We learn, by learning to see the world as others do, how we will improve every area of our life.

Which one of the following shapes would you tend to like the most, list as 1, second - 2, and third - 3?

__ - Cube

__ - Pyramid

__ - Wavy Line

__ - Ball

Which one of these things would cause you the most frustration in any area of your life? Mark most frustrating as 1, second as 2, and third as 3.

__ - Things not be done properly and in order,

__ - Things being out-of-control,

__ - Things not being fun or things being boring

__ - Conflict with other people


You'll learn in the certification how to identify someone's personality in 15 seconds and if you really study and pay attention to the bonus sessions, you will learn how to identify someone's personality based on how they say “Hello” to you over the phone.

You'll learn the four types of personalities and as you grow and improve in your knowledge, you'll learn how to apply the primary and secondary personalities where there are 16 of them. As you continue to grow in your knowledge, you'll learn that there are 64 when three types are considered and 256 types when you consider all four types. When you consider both the Geo test and the Pain Quadrant test you'll see in your minds eye 65,536 possible combinations.

What's so powerful about becoming certified in Personality Masteries is that it's fast and easy to learn and apply, you'll gain immediate benefit in all areas of your life and you will always be learning. Individuals who have invested over 30 years into the learning of personality masteries still get excited each and every day about all the new things they are learning.

Once you identify someone's personality, you will know their strengths, weaknesses, why they are successful, where they struggle, what they like, don't like, how they listen, why they will or won't like you, if they are married, the type of individual they are married to, why their marriage is successful and where their challenges are in their marriage. If you are trying to do business with them, you will know why they will buy, why they won't, what they need to hear, what will draw them into doing business with you, and what would cause them not to . . . and a whole lot more.

It's like you know the future of any relationship prior to it happening. It gives you a detailed instruction book for everyone you'll meet.


If you and/or someone you know chose the cube and/or “Things not being done in order” check out the following video. This will give you some great insight into this personality.

Imagine . . . you personally having the ability to do this with everyone you come in contact with. Imagine . . . having the ability to really know what people are thinking and feeling in any given situation and knowing how they will respond prior to a situation happening.

This lesson in the certification will help you not only to understand the Analytic personality but also the many subtypes of the Analytic personality type. Learn how the Analytic/Analytic personality type is different than the Analytic/Driver or the Analytic/Expressive or the Analytic/Amiable.

Things that students love most about the certification program is how simple the learning is, how fast it can be applied - immediately, and how it applies to every area of their life. Apply it to a difficult boss, a hard to get along with co-worker, your spouse, parent, child, or friend. Learn to turn what seems like a negative situation into one that is fun and beneficial for everyone.


If you and/or someone you know chose the pyramid and/or “Things being out of control” check out the following video. If we don't know how to deal with the Driver personality it will make our lives a lot more difficult.

Imagine . . . if you had the ability to know quickly how to identify the Driver personality and also had the ability to tap into their drive, aggressiveness, their ability to get things done as well as their ability to see the big picture and have amazing vision.

This lesson in the certification will help you not only to understand the Driver personality but also the many subtypes of the Driver personality type. Learn how the Driver/Analytic personality type is different than the Driver/Driver or the Driver/Expressive or the Driver/Amiable.

When we learn how to deeply understand our own personality and then how that personality connects with every other personality, we have an inside track as to how to obtain our dreams and goals through a better understanding of other personalities. We will learn how to achieve those goals faster, with less effort, and to the benefit of everyone.


If you and/or someone you know chose the wavy line and/or “Things being boring or not fun” check out the following video. If we don't know how to deal with the Expressive personality our lives will be a lot less fun.

Imagine . . . if you had the ability to know only quickly identify the Expressive personality and could tap into their energy, excitement, and ability to motivate and inspire people. What would that do for your career, your relationships, your life?

This lesson in the certification will help you to understand the Expressive personality and also the many subtypes of the Expressive personality type. If you think getting to know the Expressive personality is fun and exciting, wait until you learn how the Expressive/Analytic personality type is different than the Expressive/Driver or the Expressive/Expressive or the Expressive/Amiable, how they all respond in a similar way . . . but also very different.

Think about it . . . there are 65,536 possible combinations of personality types and in just 12 hours of training and mentoring you can learn more than some who have received their Dr. of Psychology. When we learn to think and understand like other personality types, people are drawn to us. If you want to be the center of attention and you learn how to identify an individual or even a group of people in seconds, think about how much fun you will be at a party, how valuable this would be for you in your career and/or even at family gatherings.


If you and/or someone you know chose the ball and/or “conflict with others” check out the following video. If you think you know the Amiable personality, the reason you might think that is that they are like chameleons, meaning they often reflect those who are around them. What you often see from the Amiable is actually yourself.

Imagine . . . if you had the ability to not only quickly identify the Amiable personality and could understand what makes them so powerful, what that would do in every area of your life.

This lesson in the certification will help you to understand the Amiable personality and also the many subtypes of the Amiable personality type. The certification will help you to not only learn the subtle power of the Amiable as well as the sub personalities within the Amiable - the Amiable/Analytic, the Amiable/Driver, the Amiable/Expressive or the Amiable/Amiable all respond in a similar way . . . but also very different.

Each personality has their greatest strengths which are also their greatest weaknesses. When we learn about the strengths each personality possesses, we can learn how to tap into their strengths to see greater mutual success. When we learn to see how these strengths become weaknesses we have a deeper understanding of others which gives us the ability to give greater consideration to others, which creates peace and harmony in our homes and workplaces, within community based groups and with friends.

8. EARN More . . . Work LESS

Did you know that the reasons each personality type will tend to succeed is the same reason that holds them back? In this lesson in the certification we'll learn how our strengths become our weaknesses and how, through a few simple behavior changes, we will start to see greater success in our careers.

Each personality, based on their strengths, will save time, but then those strengths become weaknesses, which will cause them to lose time. For example, the Analytic will save time by not making mistakes but will lose time because everything has to be perfect all the time. When we learn to control our personality rather than having our personality control us, we see greater success in less time with less effort.

9. LESS Stress . . . Life Balance

Each personality type will have stress for different reasons. There is good stress and bad stress in life. Good stress causes us to do things that we often do not like to do, may not be good at doing, but still need to be done. Bad stress is feeling guilty about things that we shouldn't feel guilty about, but still do.

Bad stress often happens when we allow our strengths to run wild, which causes us to not have balance against all the positive energy. With so much positive energy, the positive energy becomes negative and causes us to have more stress. In this lesson we'll learn how each of the energy bases for the different personality types can be good and bad and what we can do to reduce our stress, and the stress of others around us, through a deeper understanding of Personality Masteries.

10. More & Better Relationships

Certain personalities tend to have more relationships while others tend to have deeper relationships. In this lesson we learn some very surprising things about relationships as it relates to personality types. What is interesting about relationships is that we often like people who are similar in personality to us and fall in love with people who are opposite in personality.

When we learn how other people like to be liked/loved based on their personality, we can give them what they are looking for in a relationship, which will help them give us what we want in the relationship. If we do not know, at a deep level, what we want in a relationship, it's very hard for someone else to give us what we want, when we do not even know what it is.

Imagine . . . going through the 12 hours of training and applying each and every lesson to our careers - loved ones - family - friends and even strangers. Imagine, seeing people for who they really are and the beauty that comes along with that. Imagine understanding at a deep level how to help others be successful and what their success will mean to our own dreams and desires.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by taking action today. We have such a proven record of success that we offer a 100% money back guarantee (see below) so there is zero risk for you to move forward in changing your life and the lives of those around you.


$487 for the full level 1 certification course

(10 Lessons + 5 bonus lesson)
$562 Savings!

- Regular Price - $1,049 for 15 Lessons ($69.95/each) 54% Savings ! ! ! - Questions . . . 888.230.2300 ext. 222

Free - Bonus $585 Value

3 Months - Live Mastermind Group Coaching

- Refer this system to three other professionals who may gain value from this and we will give you 3 Months of live Mastermind coaching - Click Here , and we will give you three months ($195/month) of Level 1 - Mastermind live group coaching sessions


100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not absolutely delighted with your investment into this course, send an email to your instructor or mentor, after you have gone through three lessons in a module, and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment.


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Once we complete the Level 1 Certification for Personality Masteries there is an entire world of specific learning which will help us to fine tune our skills and talents in this area.

Each of the following train ing series is designed to help professionals in specific areas of their business or career. If you are not sure which series is best for you, please call 888.230.2300, ext. 222, for a complimentary interview/strategy session to better understand which sessions will bring the most value to you in the least amount of time.


Click on the area of interest and you will be taken to another page for additional details.
5/30 Grid + Personality Masteries
- Area 1: Marketing
- Area 2: Pre-Sales
- Area 3: The Sale
- Area 4: Servicing
- Area 5: Client For Life

- Closing the Sale
- Sales Success

- Profitable Partnerships

- 10 Months To Recruiting Masteries

- 10 Months To Success in becoming an International Speaker & Author


If you have gone through Level 1 Certification, it is probably clear that Personality Masteries is helpful in every area of your life, which includes personal development and helping us to be everything we can be.

To achieve one's full potential it is strongly recommended that you discover your Life Vision. Our Life Vision is the reason we were put on this planet. There are seven free lessons through Life Masteries Institute which will help us discover our Life Vision and then to assist those around us to do the same thing.

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Once we have discovered our Life Vision and have helped others around us discover theirs, we are then able to connect those visions together and “We will accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.”

The following series are available for helping us to be all that we can be through leveraging our understanding of our personality and those around us.

- Time Management
- Stop Procrastination


One of the most rewarding benefits Personality Masteries can bring to us is improved relationships within our family.

Why is it that families often seem to have the hardest time connecting and really loving one another for who they really are?

Parenting can be the hardest job on the planet, which is why this lesson series is so powerful. When we learn to parent based on how our children are designed, with the consideration of how we are at the very DNA level, we will see greater harmony, more fun, more family goals achieved, and we will understand our children at a whole new level.

This is a great series which a whole family can go through together.

- Parenting


Why do we tend to like people who are like us and then fall in love with people who are opposite?

Why do some people just drive us crazy while we are drawn to others?

Why do some relationships start out so strong and then just fade away while others will start out kind of rocky and turn into relationships for life?

In this series of lessons we learn that what causes one personality to feel loved and cared for, will actually push another personality away. We learn that what causes us to fall in love with someone, over time, will actually really frustrate us a great deal.

- Relationships


Mastermind Groups

Have you ever learned something, had all the greatest intentions, but then didn't follow through?

Have you ever known you should take action and/or change your behavior, but then didn't do it?

We've all been there, which is why we have set up weekly Mastermind groups which help us all to come together in an amazing way and helps each person who goes through a course actually follow through and take action.

Once you go through a lesson series, the key is to get into the right Mastermind group to assist you in applying all that you have learned.

There are a number of weekly groups you may join. To determine which group would be the best fit, call toll free 888.230.2300, ext. 222, for a complimentary interview/strategy session.

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