Can 30 Minutes Change Your Life?

I would have NEVER believed that someone could change my life in 30 minutes!  I would have thought “That is impossible!” It’s not easy for a CPA to admit they are wrong . . . but I will admit it, I was wrong!  

I believe that CPA’s might be a little more cynical than many business owners /
professionals.  When I was first approached about doing the 30 minute Strategy Session, I knew the whole thing would be a sales job.   I was wrong.

The friendliness and precision upon which my strategist asked me the questions was amazing.  I timed it and it actually took 14 minutes.  The strategist then took 16 minutes to share about my personality, my strengths, my weaknesses, why I was successful and what was holding me back.  He even shared things about how I could improve my marriage and knew precisely my wife’s personality and why our marriage was great and where there were some weaknesses.

I was blown away!  How could anyone know so much about me based on a few questions?  

The suggestions and tips were right on. I decided to take the next step and do the Business X-Ray.   There was no pressure, no pushing, just a simple offer to further help me which I embraced.

That’s not the end of the story though.   - Read About Randy’s ActionVision Experience -

And there’s more.  I realized the entire 30 minute strategy session would also help me to grow my business.  It’s what is referred to as “Insight Selling” which really isn’t selling at all.  It’s providing deep, significant insight into people in only 30 minutes.

I am now employing this same strategy for my CPA, Accounting / Financial Service.  It’s no longer a chore to sell.  Now that I’m using this same process / strategy in my business there are no long sales calls, no longer fear of having to push or even . . . bringing on wrong clients.  I now have total confidence!   I Trust The Integrity Of The System!

I know this may all seem “too good to be true” and that is the first thing I thought of as well.  

Here is my recommendation: Just accept the 30 minute strategy session.  Show up for it.  If at any time you aren’t being blown away . . . hang up.  :-)  It’s the phone for goodness sake!   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

I’m so serious that I’ve agreed to include my email so please feel free to email me at any time.

Randy Eikermann - CPA - Eikermann and Assoc -



What are your goals?  Are they high enough?

I honestly had some pretty large goals but after my 30 minute strategy session I increased them ten times. Why?  I found the BOS - Business Operating System that I had been looking for, for over 30 years!   I have never experienced anything like the 30 minute strategy session.

I am now using it in my business. It is so easy, so powerful and so natural!  I brought in a business architectural firm to design my BOS - Business Operating System and an E-VA (Executive Virtual Assistant) firm to actually build and run it.

I was hooked when the strategist was able to identify my personality in minutes and then tell me about myself that actually revealed mysteries I had been searching for for years.  I have been through so many personality assessments over the years. I thought I had seen and heard everything . . . but I was wrong!  I’ve never ever experienced anything even close to this!  

The BOS - Business Operating System with the three pieces


DNA for BUSINESS , and the

DNA for LIFE are so simple but so profound.  

I’m kind of a curious type of guy so I asked to see where all this came from.  My eyes were opened and it was like I was Charlie in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.  It was like the secrets to the universe were revealed to me all in an instant.   

If someone were to ask me, “What’s the most powerful aspect of everything I’ve been through?,” It would be so hard to say.   The systems are amazing, the tools simple to use and understand, all the free things and those things that do require an investment are all affordable, there is never any pressure to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing, the IP - Intellectual Property behind everything was spectacular . . . and the people . . . WOW!

I have never met a group, a network of people who are so giving, so caring, so amazing and all seeking to fulfill their own Life Vision and assisting all those around them to do the same thing.  Yes, I would say . . . “It’s the people!”  

Kevin King - Health Insurance Specialist -



What is the secret to 65% sales growth?

I would strongly recommend it to everyone!

Hard to believe that talking to someone for only 30 minutes could change the way I do business, but it did!   I didn’t know what to expect when I was first called.  In fact, I took the call with some trepidation.  Was I ever wrong!

It was interesting because there was a phone call following up on an email I received.  That was my first clue that this was very different.  I get a lot of emails but no one, and I mean no one, does phone follow up unless they have something to sell..  I was impressed, not one sales pitch.

When they told me it would only be 30 minutes and that I would learn a massive amount about myself and my business in 30 minutes, I was honestly skeptical.  

My personal strategist was not only friendly but walked me through what we would cover in 30 minutes.   The first 14 minutes would be asking me questions and then then last 16 minutes would be helping me come up with a strategy to overcome my biggest challenge (me), increase my income, reduce the number of hours I work, reduce my stress and improve my life balance . . . I was like “Hey, I’ll bet!”  

I have never seen anything so precise in my life!  It was 14 minutes to the second and then the next 16 minutes blew my mind.  I’ve never experienced anything like it.   My strategist shared deep insights into my strengths, my weaknesses, why I was successful, what was holding me back and how systems could change the way I run my business.

Again  . . . I have NEVER experienced anything like it in my life.  Fast forward to today, I now have a business plan, systems, my sales are up by 35%+ and I can even see how the systems will save me time.  I will be getting the services of an EVA which should free me to do other things and help me get new business.

I would have honestly paid for the 30 minute strategy session, it was so powerful and full of insight.  I have since had the 30 minute strategy session done on two of my employees and they experienced the same thing.  I now understand them in a new and exciting way. Just answering the questions alone has helped me to get a better grasp on my strengths and my weaknesses.

I would strongly recommend doing it as not doing it makes no sense at all. There is no cost, it only takes 30 minutes, is highly entertaining & is very enlightening.  And I’m sure that it will change your way of looking at yourself as much as it did me and each of my employees.  

Thank you!

- Gordon Fitzgerald - Kwik Kopy #106
- 985-873-0801    


Are you looking for a more healthy business?

When I was first referred by a friend to do a 30 minute strategy session I honestly didn’t feel I had the time.  My friend gave me great advice, and said “Peter, you don’t have the time NOT to do that.

I have a health and wellness company and it’s really about recruiting and developing people. Something that probably is not my greatest strength.   I am now learning so many valuable things not only as a leader but also how to build a company that will eventually run without me.

It’s not one of those quick fix, overnight, magical solutions.  The 30 minute strategy session helped me to get involved in Mastermind Seminars which doesn’t cost anything, Legacy Partners, that also doesn’t cost anything, and helped me to gain access to an amazing library of white papers and videos . . . that again don’t cost anything.

It didn’t make sense to me on how there could be so many free resources and tools until I realized that a non profit organization was behind so many of these things.   The Legacy Partner network, also free, is a network of business owners who all are committed to installing their own BOS - Business Operating System and helping other business owners within the network to also do the same.  

If you’re cynical . . . don’t be!  

Peter Schmitz - Herbalife -



Why don’t people have more time?

I now have more time and my free time is growing each and every day! Why?  

It’s going to sound crazy, but it’s all because I have learned to think in a very different way.  I now think about time as I do money and when I invest 1 hour I expect to get to get 3 hours in return.

When I first heard about this, I honestly was expecting to get sold something.   Instead, I was given a link and direction to a free 30 Day Challenge.  That’s where I learned to think about time in a very different way. There are ten short videos and the whole things takes roughly 15 minutes a day to do AND it doesn’t cost anything.  

“The Secret About Time” - 10 Videos - White Paper

People who don’t have time, don’t have time for a very good reason!  The hours they invest into things are not giving them back more time.  Their time is just being consumed.  But, I spent a few minutes each day doing the 30 Day Challenge. I learned about the 5 Time Management Freedom Fighters: 1) Delegate 2) Systematize 3) Contract Out 4) Hiring Someone and 5) Partner with others.   Now I’m getting a lot more done and in less time than ever.

What’s the secret to my success?  Well, I am now delegating to other team members based on their personality (I learned how to do a quick personality assessment from one of the videos in the 30 Minute Strategy Session.  I also learned about the BOS (Business Operating System).  This is the master operating system that now runs my business.  I have contracted with an EVA (Executive Virtual Assistant) company. We’re getting things done in weeks that I haven’t been able to get done in years.  I’ve also learned how to partner with other professionals.  I now have six new amazing partners and together we’re building my business DNA into their systems and building their DNA into my systems.

I wish I would have learned about these ideas years ago.   It’s so easy and it all started with a simple 30 minute Strategy Session that didn't cost me anything.  That’s right… FREE!

So you can see why I strongly recommend it.  Even if you don’t take action like I did, it will still change the way you think about time and will put you on the right path.  Very cool!

Get started now.  Save time!  Do it!

Steve Minnich -  Host, SmartWealth Radio Show –


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