Can 30 Minutes Change Your Life?

I would have NEVER believed that someone could change my life in 30 minutes!  I would have thought “That is impossible!” It’s not easy for a CPA to admit they are wrong . . . but I will admit it, I was wrong!  Read More>>>


What are your goals?  Are they high enough?

I honestly had some pretty large goals but after my 30 minute strategy session I increased them ten times. Why?  I found the BOS - Business Operating System that I had been looking for, for over 30 years!   I have never experienced....Read More>>>


What is the secret to 65% sales growth?

I would strongly recommend it to everyone!

Hard to believe that talking to someone for only 30 minutes could change the way I do business, but it did!   I didn’t know what to expect...Read More > > >


Are you looking for a more healthy business?

When I was first referred by a friend to do a 30 minute strategy session I honestly didn’t feel I had the time.  My friend gave me great advice, and said “Peter, you don’t have the time NOT to do that.

I have a health and wellness company and it’s really about recruiting and developing people. Something that probably is not my greatest strength.   I am now learning....Read More > > >

Peter Schmitz - Herbalife -


Why don’t people have more time?

I now have more time and my free time is growing each and every day! Why?  

It’s going to sound crazy, but it’s all because I have learned to think in a very different way.  I now think about time as I do money and when I invest 1 hour I expect to get to get 3 hours in return.

When I first heard about this, I honestly was expecting to get.. . . .   Read More > > >

I keep asking Karen what she has gotten me into!  Her invitation to Mastermind Seminar was the beginning.  I have never experienced anything like it . . . and I've been around the block a time or two.  In all my years of entrepreneurship and business, the BOS, business operating system is like nothing I have seen.  It makes so much sense.  With every Mastermind Group call I continue to be amazed.  I trust Karen completely and am thankful that she thought enough of me to share the invitation.  Karen's presentations have been incredible. I believe my life has been changed forever.

In my 68 years of business / life experience I've never experienced anything personally and professional like the 30 minute Strategy Session!  What I learned about myself, my personality and how to see the world around me . . . it changed my life!

Donald Randolph, Owner Randolph & Associates


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