"Have you ever had a business lunch were it did not turn into business?  Have you ever had an amazing business opportunity almost slip away or how many opportunities have we just let slip by and never even knew it?  This case study is about a couple of business owners who planned on having a quick business lunch and turned it into a lot of business before the lunch was done.  

[Case Study]

Action Steps To Success . . .     - Don't just listen to the case study but pass it along to someone you would like to have the same experience with.  After they listen to this case study they will want to do the same thing with you.    - Order a printed copy of the workbook "The Golden Triangle"  - click here for information to order printed copy   -     - Give a printed copy of the workbook (very important that it is printed and not "just" a pdf) to the key targeted potential referral partner and/or client.  


"I've always known that I had a very complex personality but I have never had anyone assess me in just a few minutes and be so dead on. It was amazing! The precision upon which the 30 minute interview / strategy session was done was impressive. There was actually no sales presentation and I had to push a bit to get information about products and services which would help me put the systems in place. Loved the Personality Masteries and the 5/30 Grid."

Rob Reynolds,  Re /Max Star Properties CA -  robreynolds@remax.net


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