Area 1: Marketing
Level 3: Group People & Message Together

What is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses/organizations make? They put all their hiring contacts in one central database and soon, the hiring database can not be marketed, sold, working because hiring groups are not being set up properly. Groups could be something as simple as for specific positions, for specific divisions, locations, types of people, or could be more advanced based on personality type of an applicant. This xx minute lesson and xx minutes of Q&A packs a real punch in helping you understand how to group hiring prospects together in a way that not only will help you make the most effective hiring decisions, but also how to best train and mentor people to see the maximum success i.e. making each employee/team member the most profitable and most aligned to the company's/organization's overall vision. Working smarter NOT harder is the magic to this lesson. ($197) Weekly group coaching support included in pricing. Thursday's - 218.862.7200 - Access Code: 473678 // webinar: - 8 am (pdt), 9 am (mdt), 10 am (cdt), and 11 am (edt) email any questions to and then attend the group coaching session. ($197)



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