Area 2: Pre-Sales
Level 3: Improve Pressure Points

If we are closing 2 leads out of 10 hiring leads, you're far better than most companies . . . but still, you're not getting the full benefit from the 80% of the work we do. If we do not know your numbers, then how do we know what results we are really getting and/or if what we are changing works or no?. These xx minutes of detail to really know the science of your numbers, what those numbers mean and what we need to do to improve our numbers makes this a lesson that helps us to fine tune our system. xx minutes of Q&A. ($197) Weekly group coaching support included in pricing. Thursday's - 218.862.7200 - Access Code: 473678 // webinar: - 8 am (pdt), 9 am (mdt), 10 am (cdt), and 11 am (edt) email any questions to and then attend the group coaching session. ($197)




What is your Life Vision?

10 Months Recruiting Masteries

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