Area 3: The Sale
Level 5: Speed To Sell


If it takes us three months to close a hiring prospect that will cost us three times as much as if it took us one month. Our sales cycle from someone raising their hands and us closing the sale, is critical for us to understand how effective. To cut our sales cycle in half, the first thing we need to know is what our sales cycle currently is. In this xx minute lesson and xx minutes of Q&A, we will learn how to reduce our sales cycle which gives us the ability to hire better individuals, in less time, with less effort, and fill positions faster. ($197) Weekly group coaching support included in pricing. Thursday's - 218.862.7200 - Access Code: 473678 // webinar: - 8 am (pdt), 9 am (mdt), 10 am (cdt), and 11 am (edt) email any questions to and then attend the group coaching session. ($197)




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